My Tattoo.

TattooGun I got the hippo tattoo I wanted on the top of my foot! I went to the tattoo place as I can’t wait around forever for my brother-in-law to do it( and anyone who knows me knows that waiting isn’t one of my strong points, ha,ha) A tattoo gun is pictured here for those of you who have no idea what one looks like. This is something like my 12th or 13 th tattoo; I don’t know; I’ve lost count, but it was definitely one of the most painful, as the upper foot has no “meat”, just skin and bone and some areas were more tender than others and I had to do my deep breathing like in labour and was dizzy from the pain and winced. My mother asked if they give you any “freezing” for the pain and I just laughed. I told her you just suck it up. Can you imagine some biker getting a tattoo and asking,”Can I have some freezing, man?” I’ve birthed 11 kids, had several surgeries, gallstones,and endured relentless migraines, so I think I can handle a tattoo without “freezing.”

Bandage It took 2 HRS in total and cost 200$, twice what I had expected so it’s good I brought extra $$$! Part of my foot just went numb after awhile it hurt so much and it’s really swollen. I have to wear this bandage for 24 HRS and even for a few HRS later it still hurt like f*ck. Now it still stings at times and at times I also get these “shooting” nerve pains. While I was getting it done sometimes the needle would hit a nerve as well and it would twitch and they had a reclining chair like in the dentist’s office and the guy said he’s been doing tattoos for 12 YRS.

HippoTattoo1 This is the tattoo I had done and the picture I brought in only he reversed the orange and yellow as he said yellow really fades so he didn’t want to have it as a dominant colour so he made more orange with just a touch of yellow.I also had him add 2 top teeth on the hippo as on the one here they forgot them for some reason and it really bothered me. My hubby dropped me off but wasn’t able to pick me up and said I had to wait 2  1/2 HRS for him as he had a phone call for work so I took a taxi home and the cabbie  saw my bandage and noticed me limping and asked me why did I get a tattoo if it hurt. The kids ask what getting one feels like and the best way to describe the feeling would be like a combination of being cut with an X-acto knife and keep getting stung over and over by bees combined.Sometimes it also stings like how it feels when you fall off your bike and skin your knee and get road rash.

As well, the hose in our washing machine is leaking and we had a flood of water all over the floor and replacing it wasn’t an easy thing to find either and my hubby had to look all over for it, in several stores and even go to another town before he finally found it….and then after all that THAT hose was leaking,TOO! Doesn’t it figure? Just OUR “luck!”

Tim Horton’s.

ChocolateChill My hubby and I went to Tim Horton’s and I sat down to save the seats and he went to get the stuff. He got me a Chocolate Chill (pictured here) like what I had in Toronto only what he brought me back was completely different: it was only half full, had PINK stuff in it and never had the cream, and I grumbled, “It’s NOT like the one I had in the city! What do you expect though from the dumb rednecks in a hick-town like here! Everything is always half-assed!” so he went back to complain and exchange it ,meanwhile a crazy lady behind me began to sing Tom Petty’s “Don’t Do Me Like That” and an angry Tim Horton’s worker marched over to me( thinking it was me) yelling that they’ll no longer be serving me there anymore and I said, “Why? What did *I* do? It wasn’t me!” and I looked out the window and saw this huge red fox and thought to myself, “At least now I know what to do my blog about today!”

and so I did.

Except none of it ever really happened… was all just a dream, but at the time it seemed so real.

As well, it’s going to be in the 30 C temp range again all this week; we’ve having a heatwave, and with the humidex feeling like the 40’s and we even have a heat warning, and we’re in the pool every day again, 2 HRS at a time, several times a day and air conditioning is also our best friend.

Things I’m Thinking.

Thinking(new) – It was gross yesterday in church: the 12 YR old had a piece of flaking skin peel off her shoulders from her sunburn and it came off and landed on the seat in front of us right beside a lady and she had no idea and it was sitting right beside her, this piece of skin! Ewwww!

– Patti wants to take Buddy down to the waterfront and she keeps insisting but I’m uncomfortable with the idea in case he runs off and gets lost or she doesn’t return him or something and besides, she has her own dog so why can’t she just take her?

– Whenever I think about someone I’m attracted to I’m like a cat in heat and whenever I think about it my head hurts.

– I wonder how exactly they’ll do my oral surgery when you have surgery they have the breathing tube in your mouth and down your throat to put and keep you asleep so how can they work in your mouth with the tube in there and then where do they put the tube?

– I’m thinking I’ll have to get my tattoo at the tattoo place instead of having my hubby’s brother do it as he doesn’t know when he’s getting his new equipment in and I can’t wait forever and I want it done before the end of summer as I’m getting it on top of my foot and I want to still be able to see it during sandals and flip-flops season.

– The next door neighbour is prego with her first baby and I bet she’ll be surprised  how much it hurts…

-There’s this truck commercial that says if you have to ask how much it weighs you can’t handle it and the 12 YR old’s always asking how much I weigh so then I guess that means she can’t handle me!

– I wish I could time travel.