Screenshot_462 Ottawa really did have a tornado, and a pretty “good” one,too, but luckliy the 19 YR old’s safe, thank God. She described it as really dark and loud.  I also have several friends still in Ottawa as I lived there for 18 years afterall and so far I’ve only heard from 3 of them and they said their power was off for an entire day but they got lucky; there was lots of damage to homes and trees and such. My friends also said parts look like a disaster zone and all of the stores are closed. Even here, some 3 HRS away, I noticed alot of downed tree branches on the sidewalk and road from our storms.

Screenshot_463 I still remember when I was 18 and I was close to a tornado which was in a nearby town: we felt the close effects of it: it suddenly got black as Midnight even though it was 3 pm and the wind was bending the tree tops to the ground and we had torrential side-ways rain. I didn’t know what it was but I knew something was really wrong. I had just come home from school and I was alone and took shelter in the bathroom as there were no windows in there and I just waited it out…..and within minutes it all passed by, cleared up,and the sun came out and it was bright again and even had a rainbow! It’s like life: you have to wait out the storms until they pass you by.

The 17 YR old also got the rash on her neck checked: it’s excema just like all of us with the lactose intolerance have, which, interestingly, is myself and all the girls, but none of the boys.Her and my hubby were mean to me about it,too,playing on my worry, refusing to tell me where she went(even though as her mother I have a right to know where she is), saying I would freak out, and then only on the way out the door and as they closed it behind them and left(so I couldn’t follow them as they jumped in the van and drove off) my hubby called out to me they were going to the hospital , just to make me worry even more,and I’m like, Whaaat? What for? What’s wrong? scrambling after them, worried and trying to get answers, but they just peeled out of the driveway leaving me standing there and then I had a really hard time falling asleep at night!

I also fell up the stairs(everyone else falls down the stairs you see, but I’m special and only I can fall going up the stairs) coming back from a walk with Buddy,too, and I reached out for the nearest thing to try and catch my fall which was a chair but I just fell on top of it and broke the arm off and I landed on my right side, on my arm and leg and badly scraped up my knee and now I’m really sore and hurting. I’m just glad that I didn’t fall on Buddy! I would have squished him! It would be like a hippo crushing a cat! I also haven’t scraped up my knees like that since I was a kid and now it really stings. Ouch. I’m also glad that no one was outside and saw me. I would have been soooo embarrassed!

One of my cousins( who’s in his 60’s) said as well he only has 1 kidney and it only works 5% and he’s on dialysis and on the transplant list, I assume because of his diabetes, and the 15 and 17 YR olds got banned from the Dollar Store! The manager there is a real asshole that’s never liked them and always given them dirty looks, followed them around, and even one time when the 15 YR old applied for a job there he crumpled up her resume right in front of her and tossed it! Now when they were there he falsely accused them of shoplifting and banned them from the store forever! Of course now they’re angry, shocked, and hurt over this injustice. They really like shopping there and now they’re not allowed in ever again. I think this jerk-off just doesn’t like teenagers. I joke we should hire someone to fire bomb the place or to beat him up, but seriously that really sucks and there’s really no other way to explain it other than some people just suck. Some people are just assholes. It’s one of those painful life-lesson things. It’s just not fair, and no matter what you do, some people just suck.



Wow! What A Storm!


I know that generally fall begins on the 21st but this year it begins today on the 22nd, making yesterday the last official day of summer and boy was it ever a hot humid stormy one! It was so thick, muggy,and humid it felt like 37 C and thunderstorms( and it was a series of storm cells,too, not just one, as it lasted for hours) with wind so bad, it got to 100 KM/HR at one point it was loudly banging and rattling on the windows and it honestly sounded like someone was trying to break in. It was quite scary,actually, and it freaked out poor Buddy; he kept barking at it, thinking there was a threat. The 19 YR old away at school in Ottawa even had a tornado warning and was told to seek immediate shelter!

Holy f*ck!

The thunder was sooooo loud as well it woke everyone up in the middle of the night all except for my hubby ( who has also slept right thru a blaring fire alarm and an earthquake before!!) and the 11 YR old but it sure woke up the rest of us! It was so loud it shook my entire room and the sound was this tremendous bang! when I was jolted awake at first I thought, What the f*ck was that? and I’d wondered if a plane might have crashed somewhere nearby or perhaps there was a car accident or something and then when the lightening lit up the entire room I knew what it was, Oh….ok, it’s just a bad storm…. but poor Buddy was going ape-shit; he ran and hid under the bed, scared shit-less and then he realized he needed more comfort so he hopped back into bed with me and snuggled as close to me as he possibly could,trembling and shaking, and I snuggled him close to me and comforted him.

Our Internet was also off for several HRS and our power kept going off during the night and my radio went off 3-4 times. Power is still out in some parts of town, trees are down, and in a nearby town lightening even hit a house, blew the power box right off the wall, set the house on fire and it burned right to the ground! I can still remember whent hat happened to our family cottage when I was a little kid: during the off-season it was hit by lightening and burned to the ground and I was esp. upset as I’d left my toy Snoopy there and it sadly perished in the fire.

Screenshot_459 But there was also this: DQ pumpkin Blizzard! Isn’t it just glorious? I’m feeling really bad with my virus as well, just so run-down tired, actually more run over is more like it, and then backed over again.From what I can remember the last time I felt this tired was when I was prego and when my liver was failing. I also have a stiff, sore neck, a headache that won’t go away, and a really sore lower back. I’m a broken down old jalopy that needs an over haul. Time to go in to the shop for some serious repairs.