“Ketchup” Post.

KetchupJuly2015 Catching up on things:

– A neighbour told me that the crazy rednecks were at it again a few days ago: she heard him beating the crap out of his girlfriend and her screaming bloody murder and then him yelling ,”I’m going to kill myself!” but the police never went over because it’s just them again but they should have no matter WHO it is; someone was getting beaten up! I can’t help but feel sorry for him though as he obviously needs help; he’s either got a drug problem or a mental illness as a normal person doesn’t go around acting like that.

– My mother got a notice in the mail saying there’s a parcel at the post office for her to pick up and it was a mystery what it might be as she never ordered anything…..but then I figured it out: the passes for the CNE( The “Ex”).

– The 13 and 16 YR olds go to camp today but my hubby will have “fun” trying to drop them off as streets will be blocked off as the torch for the stupid Pan Am Games is passing thru town around the same time so traffic will be affected, just as it is in Toronto where an entire highway lane is restricted, causing even more traffic congestion; all the stupid thing does is inconvenience the people that live there, and all for something that no one even gives a shit about; I saw on the news no one’s even buying tickets to it and they’re being sold at a discount.

– I still have the swelling with fluid retention in my left leg above my ankle and now both my legs feel achy and tired as well even though I haven’t done excessive walking or exercise that would explain it, so I wonder if it’s maybe a blood clot or something but like my mother says there’s no use in going to see my doctor since Dr’ Dipshit doesn’t know anything and won’t do anything anyway.

– When I was saying how dumb my doctor is the 20 YR old scoffed to me, “Are YOU any smarter?” and I said, “Yeah….actually, even a CHIMP is smarter than he is!”

– I feel badly for Greece with their financial crisis(and I know what it’s like to be in debt and in over your head and having a debt you can’t possibly pay) and no matter what they decide they’re screwed either way; if they decide to stay in the EU they’ll have even more austerity measures incl. higher taxes and pension cuts so people who have worked hard their entire lives will have nothing to live on, and if they opt out they’ll have to survive on their own and they’ll still be struggling financially….I wonder if they’ll end up bankrupt like Detroit? CAN an entire COUNTRY go bankrupt? Is that even possible? At least they’re having a referendum though and letting the people decide; it’s not forced upon them like it likely would be here,and I know you should be responsible and pay your debts but I can also understand that sometimes circumstances can get beyond your control,too. I’m just glad we went there when we did as now you have to bring cash. Greece is one of my fave. places and it hurts my heart that this is happening to them.

– I went to the corner store again and got my “staples” for snacking: bag of chips, BBQ peanuts,and chocolate bar and the thought occurred to me that the store clerks must think I’m some sort of pothead or something with the “munchies”.

-My mother and I went to a Chinese buffet for lunch but it was shit-less; that crappy Canadian-Chinese crap and not REAL Chinese food so  we left and went elsewhere; to a Japanese-Thai place where it’s authentic food! There really are only 2 good restaurants here in “Bumble-F*ck.”


Camp(new) Tomorrow the 14 and 16YR olds leave for Cadets camp. The 14YR old for 3 weeks and the 16 YR old for 6 weeks. The 17 YR old also applied to go but wasn’t accepted as they receive thousands of applications and can’t accept everyone. They’re going 4-5 HRS away. On Monday the 12 YR old also goes to Drama Camp for a week and that one’s here in town. She starts Cadets in September though(you have to be 12) and can go to Cadet camp next summer. The pool’s been open for a week now as well but the water’s only 63 F but the 12 and 14 YR olds still went in but it has to be warmer before I go in! I put Buddy’s feet in but he didn’t like it and he looked really pissed off.

I also spent the day listening to Bob Marley albums, and I noticed the part above my ankle on my left leg is swollen(with fluid retention) and puffy but NOT on the right , which is weird as before it was both, but I didn’t injure it; it’s just fluid, and today my mother and I are going to a Chinese buffet for her early birthday lunch, and on Canada Day the car battery died as she’d left the door open and it drained the battery and the van wouldn’t start until the battery got a boost.

My hubby also jokingly asked me if I wanted to go to the country jamboree and I asked him, “Do YOU want to eat shit and die?” I’d rather KILL myself than listen to redneck country music; it’s the *only* music that I can’t stand, and I still have girlish fantasies of love and romance as well and can get “lost” in my fantasies and daydreams and I know it’ll never happen but I never experienced it in real life so this is the closest I’ll ever get to it and it makes me happy, is an escape, and helps me to survive.