My Perfumes.

Chanel5 I recently came across my perfumes that I still have, that I bought before when we used to have $$$$$$. Most of them are still fairly full,too, as you only need a very little bit to get a strong aroma with real perfume. I have “Chanel # 5″, “Giorgio”, Neiges”, Red Door”, L’Air Du Temps”, “Anais Anais”, Sung”, “Diamonds”, etc. I like to wear it more in the summer as it “masks” the summer smell of perspiration and sweat( although I still DO use deoderant,too!) and it makes me smell and feel feminine and “sexy”(ha,ha). The other day I had just spritzed on  some “Giorgio” and walked into the 20 YR old’s room to drop off his clean laundry and he goes, “What’s that SMELL?” and I said, “I dunno, maybe my perfume? I just put some on…” and he goes, “I don’t think so…..” so I had him sniff my wrist and he gagged and said, “Yup, that’s it!” I guess that boy just isn’t sophisticated enough yet to appreciate taste and the finer things in life.

I like wearing my perfume as it also reminds me of my “old” life, the life I used to have when I used to have $$$$ to be able to afford things like expensive perfume. It’s sort of like the “left over” of what I used to be, the “remnants” of a long-lost past. Everywhere I go has “bans” on perfumes and strong scents though, from church to doctor’s offices and such but I just disregard and ignore it; I figure screw it, I’ll do what I want to do,and I’ll wear what I want to wear, and no “Big Brother” will dictate otherwise and if other people don’t like my perfume then that’s their problem, then they don’t have to sit near me. Personally I like it when someone walks by and the scent of perfume wafts by; it reminds me of flowers and I much prefer it to the smell of body odour any day! If other people don’t like perfume then they don’t have to wear it (like I read somewhere that Scientologists don’t wear it for some reason) and that’s up to them but they shouldn’t be able to stop me from wearing it if *I* want to.

I also love the perfume samples in magazines,too.It makes the whole magazine smell good.

I Was Thinking…..

FrPAndMe – Yesterday in church was a special Mass, celebrating 25 YRS since Fr. T was ordained a priest and as well as him the Archbishop was there and 16 other priests( must have been all of them from our entire diocese!) incl. Fr. B and Fr.P(seen in the photo here) who used to be at our church but were transferred elsewhere a few YRS ago. It was nice seeing them again and I got to talk to them a bit after and catch up and Fr. P even gave me a hug! The 12 YR old also did this huge yawn during Mass and Fr. T’s MOTHER(who was sitting in front of us) turned around and glared at her and went, “Tsk, tsk!” (and then later avoided us for “Sign Of Peace”,too) so she was “dissed” by a PRIEST’S MOTHER! It was also Pentecost and with all those priests all there at once I could really feel the Holy Spirit strongly!!

– I wonder if those crazy rednecks that threatened to kill me and went all berserk if maybe they weren’t crazy afterall but just high on drugs? Patti pointed out that for the most part mentally ill people aren’t aggressive and violent like that unprovoked for no reason, and he WAS paranoid,too, another symptom of possible cocaine use, so maybe he was just on something and if he was then hopefully he won’t even *remember*? I have to say though that even though I still DO walk by their house I do feel the anxiety lessen and the tension ease once we safely walk past, or if there are other people on the street as well and it’s not just me out there alone on my own. I still feel nervous every time I walk by.

– My mother is worried not knowing where she’s going to find the $$$$ to pay the property taxes. She has to pay 900$ 4 times a YR and tries to put $$$ aside but hasn’t been able to do it as all the $$$ goes into paying for food and bills and there’s nothing left over to save. Before she had to take out a loan to pay the taxes but she’s at her limit now for that,too.

– I’m shocked to hear the oldest in the Duggar (“19 Kids And Counting”)family admitted to molesting some of his sisters when he was a teen! From such a good Christian family I wouldn’t have expected it and I was really stunned and surprised! It also makes me wonder if HE was molested at some point as well as many abusers have been abused themselves.It’s also a hard thing to “cure.”

– I’m dismayed Ireland voted “yes” to legalizing same-sex “marriage”, esp. being what was once such a strong Catholic conservative country. It’s a disgrace now and should be ashamed. It’s going straight to Hell. At least they DID do a referendum though and let the *people* decide and vote on it, not like here where the gov’t just imposed it on us.

– Raccoons piss on our pool cover every night and I see it there early every morning and I *know* that’s what it is as I see their foot prints(and I’ve often seen them as well) and it’s sticky and it’s always there, every morning, and not just when it rains so I know it’s not water. Yeeecch!

– I’ve gained 10 pounds so it’s either from my recent meds or the new diuretic isn’t working.

– “Aunt Flow” FINALLY came….it’s been 6 weeks 3 days. Shit. I was hoping I was having the menopause and it was done for good.

– Buddy’s shedding his heavier thicker winter coat and his lighter summer coat is coming in and it makes me wonder if we moved to a place like the Caribbean where it’s tropical all YR round would he still do that or would he just keep his summer coat all YR? He also got bit on the head by a mosquito and got a little raised bump just like we do when we get bitten.