10 things….

Feb/ 2009:


10  things I value:


1. My faith and trust in God.

2. Family.

3. The strength of the human soul, to adapt, overcome, and endure even the most horiffic things.

4. Support, prayers, compassion and sympathy from caring people.

5. Music that speaks to your soul.

6. The splendor and beauty of God’s creation, from the Alps, to sunsets ,to oceans and the majesty  and diversity, of different countries, cultures,and landscapes.

7. Precious new life.

8. Missionary work.

9. Elimination of poverty and homelessness.

10. Standing up for what’s right and defending God’s natural law.


10  things I do NOT support:


1. Abortion.(or euthanasia, or any means of killing another person)

2. Racism.

3. Government intrusion and police-state interference in people’s lives.

4. Buying or stealing children.

5. Immorality and sinful lifestyles and choices.

6. Eugenics, genetic engineering, human cloning,and the like.

7. War.

8. Feminism.(esp. when it encourages girls to not get married or have kids, or to abort their babies, to sleep around, be  career-bitches, involvement in Wicca,  and the like)

9. Public school system.

10. Environmentalism, esp. as it’s zealous, indoctrinating, and becoming the New World Religion,and putting animals and the earth before people and human need.

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