100 facts…..

100 facts……

1.  I have been in  the cockpit of an airplane.

2.  I still remember my favourite Snoopy toy that burnt in our family’s cottage fire when I was a kid.

3.  I got really sick at camp once as a kid and the nurse gave me this gross pink stomach powder and I was in the infirmary for days barfing my guts out and with a fever.

4.  I like to ride horses.

5.  I am allergic to hay, milk, egg yolks, and pollen.

6.  I have been in helicopters 3 times.

7.  I have seen the following live in concert: REO Speedwagon, Leif Garret, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Tony D Band( many times), Bo Diddley, Dutch Mason, Kim Mitchell, George Thorogood(many times), Lenny Kravitz,The Proclaimers

8.  I have had 3 surgeries.(2 with a General anesthetic)

9.  I was asked in highschool to join both the swim and gymnastic teams but declined as I don’t believe in competing and just did it for fun.

10.  I have had these dog breeds as pets: Pug, Beagle, Chihuahua, Afghan Hound, Samoyed.

11.  I can speak 4 languages.(English, French, German, and Russian)

12.  I still have my favourite toy since I was 4-5 years old, but he’s all beat up now…

13.  I have had a house fire.(13 years ago)

14.   I have had several miscarriages , one preemie, and one induced early due to my liver problem.

15.  I love suntanning in the summer.

16.  I hate vegetables.

17.  I loved Paul McCartney ever since I was 12 years old.(but think he’s an A-hole now)

18.  I hate sports.

19.  I love reading.

20. I have had my hair all colours: brown, black, red, and blonde.

21. Politically, I am far-right Conservative.

22. I am pro-life.

23. As a child I had mice, gerbils, guinea pigs,hamsters,and fish as pets.

24. I have a muskrat fur coat.

25. I love those little beads filled with bath oils.

26. I love lilacs, roses, and peonies.

27. I once went on an all-peach diet and to this day I have an aversion to peaches.

28. I don’t like pepperoni and I always pick it off pizza.

29. Hawaii or Italy are my 2 favourite places I’ve been to and so far I’ve been to 25 countries.

30. I have moved 13 times.

31. I have lived in 5 different cities/towns.

32. I am addicted to chocolate.

33. I am a non-drinker and a non-smoker.

34. I am devoutly religious.

35. My first baking was a birthday cake for my mother when I was 8-9 years old, but I didn’t cook it long enough and it was all gooey and sticky on the inside.

36. I have never been able to do math!

37. I love the Three Stooges.

38. My favourite memories and time period is the 1970’s.

39. I like Hippie Bohemian style clothing.

40. I was a stick-thin child but at age 13 quickly gained 50 pounds over the summer and have struggled with my weight ever since. I have to starve myself to lose weight but as soon as I stop starving the weight always comes back.

41. I prefer, and look better with, very  short hair.

42. I shaved my head to support our son when he had cancer and lost his hair to chemo.

43. I have a perception problem and can’t judge space or distance, and I can’t read maps or follow directions.

44. I got my first credit card when  was 16.

45. I have had 6 passports so far(as of 2009)

46. Everything I know about flowers and plants I learned from my grandmother.

47. I have all the symptoms of a brain tumour….

48. Armadillos are my favourite animal.

49. When I was 13 or so I had pictures of Leif Garret, Scott Baio, Erik Estrada,and Shaun Cassidy on my bedroom walls.

50. I detest women’s magazines like Glamour and Cosmopolitan.

51. I used to play violin.

52. My favourite evening  gown would be a light pink sequin.

53. I used to watch the Sonny and Cher show as a kid.

54. I have collected Charlie’s Angels trading cards and Barbie sticker book.

55. I have an extensive Pug figurine collection.

56. I have never had a driver’s license.

57. I grew up an only child.

58. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is my favourite movie.

59. I have both a low blood pressure(except for when I had my liver disorder and it shot up to 175/150) and low blood-sugar and often feel faint if I stand for too long.

60. I like Reggae and Blues.

61. Eating and sleeping are my favourite body functi0ns.

62. My grandmother tried to teach me to knit once but I found it too confusing and didn’t have the patience for it.

63. I often reverse letters while typing and see numbers backwards(eg. see 21 as 12).

64. I don’t like berries.

65. I have had several pieces published in both newspapers and magazines.

66. I can’t stand The Simpsons.

67. I HATE country music!!!!

68. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.

69. I have fond memories of bouncing around in the back of the moving station wagon with my cousins when we were kids.

70. I love licorice flavour.

71. I met Wayne Gretzky 3 times.

72. I met the former Prime Minister Mulroney.

73. I just found out as an adult that I have 3 half-siblings.

74. I was the only kid growing up I knew that didn’t have a father in the home.

75. I have always loved writing.

76. Crayons and freshly washed bed linen are “comfort” smells for me, nostalgic memories of my childhood.

77. I love the sound of wires buzzing in the hot, humid summer.It makes me think of summers at my aunt’s house as a kid.

78. As a kid I loved those tacky glittery Christmas decorations and to this day when  see it, it reminds me of Christmases from the past.

79. My favourite colours are purple and blue.

80.  I spend a great deal of my childhood trying to fly.

81. I have been both snorkelling ad surfing in Hawaii.

82. The item I cherished most(and lost in a fire) was a rainbow coloured crushed velvet pillow a relative made for me.

83. I can do a Donald Duck voice.

84. I love to house paint.

85. I love the smell of Christmas trees.

86. I like hedgehogs.

87. When I had my liver problem both my skin and whites of my eyes turned yellow!

88. I prefer cities to small towns.

89. When my dog died having puppies I hand-raised them from birth and they survived.

90. I have more pimples outbreaks as an adult than I ever did as a teen.

91. I love flannel.

92. I have several photo albums and diaries over the years.

93. As a kid I put on my bathingsuit and washed my hair in the rain.

94. I love coconut scent; in body wash, creams, shampoos, soap, etc..

95. I have been on an Indian Reservation.

96. I don’t like Hershey’s chocolate(I think it tastes like soap) but prefer Cadbury’s.

97. I used to hate cats but changed my mind years later and now I don’t mind them.

98. I love the sound of thunderstorms at night when I’m in bed.

99. I had a friend as a kid who only had one hand.

100. I hate American Idol and Dancing with the stars and shows like that.

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