I’m such a stooge!!(sorry,but God made me that way!)

Hi again,

I’m such a stooge!! 😦

I meant to post my “Enjoying God’s Creation” but somehow I did it the wrong way and it ended up in the “uncatagorized” catagory instead of here with the other posts….and now I don’t know how to move it back!! If you want to read it, just go to the uncatagorized section, or do a search to find it. Sorry.In the meantime, I’ll keep trying to figure out somehow how to get it up here with the other posts!

It is a good witness though; a testimony to humility when one can admit they’ve screwed-up and that no one knows everything and can’t do everything, and that everyone needs help.God has given me so many graces, just to even survive, and He knows I sure need them!! 🙂

Enjoying God’s Creation.

Hi again,

I am not into the cult of environmentalism,and I worship the Creator and not the Creation, but I still do take the time to appreciate God’s masterpiece! I care more about the people on the earth than for the planet itself, or the animals, but it doesn’t mean I still can’t enjoy the beauty around me! I am a wise steward of what God has entrusted us with, but I am not into save the earth before the people,and I do not support population control, for example.

I love nothing more than sitting outside, feeling the warm sun and the breeze, listening to the various birds such as chickadees, and cardinals, hearing the crickets chirp and the toads croak, smelling wildflowers and freshly cut grass.I particularly love lilacs, peonies,lily of the valley,roses,iris,tulips,and daffodils! My grandmother taught me everything I know about flowers and now I pass that knowledge on to my own kids, kind of like a legacy!! I marvel at God’s Creation,and am thankful to Him for giving it to us to enjoy.

Travelling to various countries in the world makes me appreciate what wonderful things God has made even more; seeing the variations and spectacular mountains, oceans,trees and flowers; how magnificant and different everything is; I just stand there in awe and appreciation,taking it all in! 🙂 I have seen so many amazing things, with Italy one of my favourite places I have been.The Amalfi coast is just incredible!! Hawaii is so beautiful as well,and the world is filled with so many fascinating things!! There’s 193 countries in total though, so not too likely I’ll see *all* of them before I die, but I am grateful I have been able to fulfill both my life-long dreams: to have kids,and to travel.