Cancer sucks!! a child with leukemia I can say with full knowledge that cancer sucks!! It is every parent’s worst night mare to be told their child has cancer. Your whole world just stops and it feels like all the air has just been sucked out of the room and time is moving in slow motion. You know your life will NEVER be the same again. This will become your new “normal” now. Tomorrow begins April, which is Cancer Month.Please give.

This speaks for itself…. dares to say an unborn baby isn’t a person and who’s life shouldn’t be protected under the law just has to look at this picture: see the tiny foot imprint on the mother’s belly? What can be more clear that that? I just love this picture!

What did we do for Earth Hour? Hour was on Saturday….what did we do? PROTEST it!! In a silent political statement and act of protest we not only refused to turn off our lights…..we turned them all ON! We are tired of the enviro-freak propaganda; brainwashing and indoctrinating everyone; forcing pagan nature-worshipping environmentalism down our throats whether we like it or not! The cult of environmentalism is EVERYWHERE! We are not mindless sheep who mindlessly follow the herd! We worship the *Creator* and NOT the creation!! Environmentalism is fast becoming the New World Religion and we want NO part of it!! Remember: the word “mental” is in “environMENTAL!!”