Armed and ready for battle!!

dandelion.jpg Officially spring now as my yearly war against the dandilions has begun!! I am armed and ready for battle with the  Weed Hound(the greatest thing ever to uproot dandilions,and it really works!) I uprooted quite a few big ‘uns and I will never surrender!! I will not be defeated! Bring it on!!

5 cents a bag?

Rant for the day: now in town the grocery store is charging 5 cents a bag for every plastic bag, thanks to the enviro-freaks and their “Green” brainwashing! NO WAY!! We refuse! Now, 5 cents isn’t a big deal,but it’s the *principle* of it here; we will NOT be pressured by the Green Police and give in to this “Mother Earth hokus-pokus, OR support the Green movement financially or otherwise! So, in true anti-Green defiance we had them just toss all our items into the shopping cart and we rolled it out to the parking lot and just threw them all in the back of the van!! WE WILL NOT BE INDOCTRINATED!!!!(or coerced!)

One of THOSE days…..

Today is one of THOSE days; you know, where you feel like you have this dark cloud hanging over your head.(I think it might be PMS!) I just feel terribly sad and alone, more so than usual,and sick of being ugly and tired of being fat and I hate it. I always feel dumped on in life, victimized, outcast; I feel opposite of everyone else, like they’re all walking in one direction and I’m going the opposite way!My Social Phobia, lack of self-esteem, and strong conservative views don’t help, and today is one of those times I’m just praying my way thru life minute-by-minute,but Jesus is holding me up, helping me to bear my Cross of depression, anxiety,loneliness,fear,worry,despair,and self-loathing. I am not alone.He is a Man of great sorrow and affliction and He will uphold and comfort me until this dark cloud passes….May is always a bad month for us too(and I dread) as most people in our family have died in May,and something bad usually always happens in May, too, such as (in the past) our dog dying, my mother losing her job, our house fire, an enemy threatening our family,etc… no WONDER I’m feeling apprehensive and uneasy….

What a class act!!

Jimmy Hollywood(James St.James) mentioned MY e-mail on the air today! he kindly complimented it as “well written” as well. It was wild! I have to say, this guy is the real deal; truly a class act. He is so good to his fans,and ,in fact, answered my e-mail later the exact same day I sent it off! He is one of the nice guys and never stoops to low levels,and seems like a genuinely nice guy! He’s one of a kind!! Love ya, Jimmy! 🙂

Mexican Swine Flu….

My thoughts on the Mexican Swine Flu epidemic: why is it so much worse in Mexico than elsewhere? It makes me wonder if it has something to do with ethnic groups: are Hispanics somehow more susceptible to it, and Caucasians have more of an immunity? I just wondered since certain ethnic groups are prone to certain things, such as Blacks have Sickle-Cell Anemia and Jewish Tay-Sachs Disease….just wonder, or else maybe it has something to do with the climate: the heat in Mexico makes the strain thrive and become stronger, but the cooler climate elsewhere weakens it? I fear it will end up like in the 1800’s, where families lose all their children to disease…it’s scary; they estimate 2 million people could die,and the level has been raised up to 5(out of 6). Pestilences in the Last Days as prophesied in the Bible are being fulfilled….but GOD IS WITH US…He will NOT forsake us!!

What’s wrong with TV shows today?, here’s my beef: I think there’s way too much inappropriate things on TV today! Shows such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Sex and the City are examples of popular but ungodly and crass shows. They are crude, profane,and glorify immorality and sin. Disrespect, sleeping around, crudeness and vulgarity are rampant , not to mention shows that promote the occult as well such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch(remember that?), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, and the like. Satan is very subtle in luring people and thru the media, TV, movies, books and other forms of entertainment is one of his most successful ways.don’t even get me started on the movies as well: Harry Potter, Twilight, DaVinci Code….yikes! In fact, I only watch a grand total of 6 shows at all!

God’s gift of procreation.

I read an article about celebs hiring surrogate mothers to have babies for them. This really bugs me as it’s disrespectful towards God’s gift of procreation. Is it REALLY so hard for people to have their own kids instead of buying other people’s or buying people to have them FOR them? It’s like a womb for rent!! Are they sub-contracting *everything* out nowadays, even baby-making? It’s ridiculous!! Can anyone and anything be bought and sold now? Is this what we have reduced the value of human life and God’s gifts to?

My gripe for today!

My gripe for today: I REALLY hate it when they do this!!! I miss “Scrubs” tonight due to some lame US Prez speech! I HATE it when they pre-empt my usual shows for CRAP, mainly political speeches, election coverage,Americal Idol,  or dumb sports! They should just have separate channels  to broadcast that crap all they want; 24 hours a day if they wish, but NOT in place of the regular popular shows, and piss- off loyal viewers such as myself!! This is a REAL pet-peeve of mine! Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!