Please keep Italy in your prayers!! keep Italy in your prayers, due to their bad earthquake. It was near Rome, yet ANOTHER place we have been to recently  and have had disasters shortly after we left. I can’t help but wonder if we somehow “curse” all these places we visit and leave a trail of bad luck behind us as it never fails; every place we’ve been has been hit by a major event awhile after we leave it: earthquakes, bombings, fires, hostage-taking,war,civil unrest, plane crashes, terrorist attacks….you name it…..does misfortune follow us..or are we merely one step AHEAD of it??

Please pray it goes well tomorrow…. son has his every-2-months- blood test tomorrow to see if the cancer’s back. Please pray all goes well and he’s not relapsing. It’s always worrisome at the app’t’s because if the leukemia’s back it will show up in the bloodwork and we’ll know,so it’s stressful waiting for the results. When they come back clear it’s always a welcome sigh of relief….for another 2  months…he was diagnosed 4 years ago(at age 7) and finished his last chemo in Oct. 2007.