Grains of Gratitude. I am grateful for this week:

1. Jesus. Now we are in Holy Week I feel even closer to Jesus. His nearness is close to my soul and I am grateful for all He has done, and continues to do, for me.

2. Spring. You’d never know it today(with the surprise snowfall!) but spring is here and I love to sit out in the sun, smelling the sweet smells of spring, and listening to the chirping birds.

3. Having a puppy. We recently got a new puppy and he is bringing such joy and happiness to our lives and enriching our family with love.

4. My heater! It has been so cold overnight lately I have to plug in my heater at night for bed. It’s so snug and warm and I can burrow down deep into the covers and snuggle off to sleep.

5. Our health. Despite several medical tribulations,  our health is good RIGHT  NOW. Our son continues to be in remission,and I am currently following 5 critically-ill babies on my prayer list and their struggles and uncertainties make me even more grateful that at this moment we are not in their shoes, esp. as we have been there  and we know the desperate fear and the sickening dread and worry.

Jesus is close! we have now entered  Holy Week, let us keep in mind how near to us Jesus is; He is close by! Holy Thursday commemorates His Last Supper with His Disciples as well as the beginning of the Eucharist, Good Friday is the memorial of His Sacrifice,and Easter is His glorious Ressurrection! Hallelujah!! This is a busy week for us(and lots of Masses!) but I went to Confession on Passion(Palm) Sunday so I am spiritually ready!(and a double “bonus” too: it also “counts” for Divine Mercy Sunday!) Jesus is always close by and near to those to call Him, but Holy Week is an extra-special reminder of His nearness! What sacrifice and obedience can WE give HIM? We are not called to be “perfect”; we are called to be faithful!!

Let it snow, let it snow!

snowy sceneHA! When I woke up this morning and looked out the window guess what I saw: SNOW!!! That’s right! Everything was all white; we got like 2-5cm or so! So much for spring! I DO like snow….in *winter*….but come on, this is spring and almost Easter! Enough already!! Farther up north where my cousins live they got 20cm! Aaaaaahhhh!!!! 😦