“Totus Tuus”.

Pope.John.Paul.II.2005.jpgHere is my favourite Pope of all time; Pope John Paul II. I can even clearly remember when he was chosen; I was just a kid. I even had a special comic book edition about him! He was one of a kind; a man of God AND a man of the people!


I re-Buzzed my hair and it looks like this(only I’m not pretty like her!). I have kept up the style on and off for the past 4 years now; I first did to support my son with cancer when he lost his hair to chemo. I still keep it up as it’s minimalist, easy-care style and it’s so unique, edgy, funky ,and a statement for cancer awareness as well!Now I’m known as “the woman with the shaved head” and it has sort of now become my own personal, exotic, individual  style and fashion statement! I actually really like it! 🙂

Puppy progress!

Shih Tzu Video DVD with breed information about the Shih TzuOur puppy Wilson(like the one here) is now 3 months old. He is training well and so far  can play “Fetch”, knows his name, comes when you call him,and does 90% of his pee and ca-ca on the paper! What a good boy!!


bluejayThere are so many birds outside today! Blue jays, cardinals,robins,chickadees, wrens,and even a couple of  seagulls flying above circling our pool,which now looks like a swamp with the brown murky grungy water atop the cover! You can surely tell it’s spring!

Our poor sick son!!

Late last night my son called; he spent 5 hours in the hospital getting 3 bags of iV fluids for dehydration as well as added antibiotics, steroids,and anti-nausea meds in the IV line to prevent Strep complications, mainly Rheumatic Fever which damages the heart. Poor guy. He missed his exam as well and had no $$$$ for a taxi home, or even for Metro fare and it would have been an hour walk back to the dorm, but a kind soul at the Metro took pity on him and let him ride for free. Hopefully now he will recover fully without any long-term damage. Please pray he gets well, doesn’t develop heart damage, and can re-do his exam….I’m so worried!