NO to bullying!!

I read an article about an actress, who, by all means, would be considered ugly. She is greatly aware of that fact and hates herself for being ugly. I know how she feels; she, like me, was also bullied and taunted for her unfortunate looks.(My nick-names were “Ugly”, “Dog”, “Frankenstein-Face” and “Skuz.”) These are inner scars that *NEVER* heal, and I mean NEVER. To this day I STILL have zero self-esteem, despise looking in a mirror or having photos taken and HATE the way I look. I hate myself for being ugly-looking and want to destroy myself. No one truly knows how cruel life can be  to the ugly(or the overweight.) Unless you live with it, you have no idea. Bullying HAS to stop.Many suicides(or attempts) are caused by it. People’s self perception is destroyed by it. Words are even more hurtful than actions.God loves *EVERYONE*…including the ugly, the fat, the dumb, the outsider, etc..

A Man of sorrows….

The Bible states that Jesus was a Man of afflictions and aquainted with sorrow; a Man of great sorrow. I try and remember this on days I feel depressed and beaten down by life. When I feel lonely and alone, afraid, betrayed, hopeless, despairing, disappointed,discouraged, anxious ,persecuted, or fearful. He experienced EVERY human emotion and quality EXCEPT sin. He *knows* how I feel and what I’m going thru.He KNOWS what it’s  like to be barely holding on,to feel abandoned; to pray your way thru life minute by minute.When I feel heavy-hearted He is nearby.