Go fly a kite!

Today is such a nice day(24 degrees C!) we are outside all day! The kids were flying kites(it’s soooo windy!) and blowing bubbles. The puppy kept jumping up trying to catch the bubbles,as well as chasing ants and flies! They also played in the sandbox, trampoline, swingset and clubhouse, and I sat out in the sun tanning and got a burn! We open the pool up next month,too!

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Men are lame!

My hubby brought me back this cool tye-dye shirt(very much like the one here) he thought I’d like, which I DO; I LOVE it…except he got it in a KIDS’ size!! He didn’t read the tag(he never does!) and it’s too small,naturally! There’s NO way I can squeeze my bulbous body (with all its’ blubber) into THAT! I looked like  stuffed sausage!! It’s too bad too as I really like it, so now I’m disappointed and bummed-out. Men are lame! I think it must be encoded into their DNA to never buy the right sizes!(he also gave me a spice rack for our first Anniversary years ago too!) Men are dumb like that…