God’s gift of procreation.

I read an article about celebs hiring surrogate mothers to have babies for them. This really bugs me as it’s disrespectful towards God’s gift of procreation. Is it REALLY so hard for people to have their own kids instead of buying other people’s or buying people to have them FOR them? It’s like a womb for rent!! Are they sub-contracting *everything* out nowadays, even baby-making? It’s ridiculous!! Can anyone and anything be bought and sold now? Is this what we have reduced the value of human life and God’s gifts to?

My gripe for today!

My gripe for today: I REALLY hate it when they do this!!! I miss “Scrubs” tonight due to some lame US Prez speech! I HATE it when they pre-empt my usual shows for CRAP, mainly political speeches, election coverage,Americal Idol,  or dumb sports! They should just have separate channels  to broadcast that crap all they want; 24 hours a day if they wish, but NOT in place of the regular popular shows, and piss- off loyal viewers such as myself!! This is a REAL pet-peeve of mine! Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!

This grates on my nerves!

Ok, here is something that REALLY grates on my nerves and rubs me the wrong way: American Idol(and it’s equalivalent Canadian Idol) I seriously don’t know why people are sooo obsessed with this dumb show! I think it’s the lamest thing ever and just can’t see why it’s so popular. Am I like the ONLY person who can’t stand it?It seems to me that lately the dumber the show the more popular it is!! (??????)I think these reality shows are pathetic! Add to the list of lame-o shows: So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, America’s Next Top Model, Big Brother, etc.. you get the idea!! What kind of loser even watches something like that,anyway?

My daily rant!

My rant for the day: how come breast cancer is so widely advertised, so much more so than other types of cancer? How much has been reported about prostate cancer, for example, which affects only men? That’s my point: I am convinced the only reason breast cancer awareness is so widely promoted if simply because it’s affects women. The feminists are always the loudest(and most obnoxious too I might add!) voices and whenever it’s a woman’s issue they act like it trumps all other issues. I have nothing against women or fighting breast cancer(I am a woman, in fact, myself) I just think it’s discrimination; cancers that affect children(like leukemia that my son had) and men are, for the most part, largely ignored. Think about it: only because breast cancer is a woman’s issue is it so “popular”. How much have you heard about OTHER forms of cancer, who’s victims aren’t solely women?On the other hand if men’s cancers were as “popular” the femi-nazis would all be up in arms! I guess it DOESN’T work both ways…

Priest report.

http://www.33ff.com/flags/worldflags/Nigeria_flag.htmlThis is the flag of Nigeria. Our newest priest in our parish is from Nigeria. We also have a visiting priest who is blind. He became blind at age 9 from complications due to meningitis as a child. He is also from a family of 22 children! Now THAT’S impressive; that’s *twice* as many kids as I have!Our regular priest is also celebrating 39 years since his ordination! Congrats to Father.B!