Jesus goes to Florida!

Good for them! Florida is allowing license plates with Jesus on them! Usually anything referring to Jesus, God, or religion in any way(except for pagan or New Age “religions”, that is!) is quickly censored, banned, snuffed-out, outlawed, or shot down, so it’s nice to see not everyone is discriminating, limiting freedom of worship,or squashing God’s Truth! Amen!!

UPDATE: The latest news now is the “Jesus’ plates have been cancelled.Due to public outcry of Christian-bashers the idea has been defeated.Satan and his influence really IS alive and well in the world today!!

Can’t keep your eyes off it, huh? :) funny event just happened to me: as you may know, I sport an edgy “Buzz-cut”(originally to support my son with cancer) and one of my son’s friends from university was passing thru and stopped by and dropped off his stuff,and ,upon meeting me,appeared startled and taken aback by my extreme hair(like in the photo seen here), and he couldn’t keep his eyes off it,and he kept trying to avert his curious  glances, but was struggling; trying to sneak a peek but not appear rude and stare! I knew what was going on as I get this a lot and am used to it, and actually find it very amusing!(and I can’t wait to see what my son, who’s coming up to visit us in 2 days, tells me what I’m sure he’ll ask him about it…)

Parental rights alert!

I read an article in the paper about how hospital staff at a nearby children’s hospital withdrew a treatment on a baby against the parents’ wishes and the father confronted them about it and he was escorted out of the hospital by security and barred from returning! Whaaat? So now parents have no say in what treatments they can either refuse or request in the best interest of their children, but are now EXILED if they question,disagree,or make any kind of fuss? Medical professionals think that THEY know what’s best for us and our families and dictate and decree their wishes on us we are helpless to refuse or reject? Sorry, but no way! The parents are the advocates for their children; them and NO ONE else! NOT medical professionals, social workers, public health officials,child welfare, schools, or the government! Parental rights are being steamrolled over and squashed left, right,and centre! This is sadly a common occurance and the norm rather than a rare occurance…let’s take BACK our God-given rights over our families!!

UPDATE: now the father  mentioned has attempted to remove his child from the offending hospital and merely transfer her to *another* hospital where they feel more comfortable with her care…but POLICE are now guarding her room and child welfare has been called in,and the police said they will ARREST the father if he attempts to remove his child! Now this is scary! They’re holding her HOSTAGE! The hospital acts like the baby belongs to them!! This is just wrong on so many levels…

Our Fiberglass puppy!

Our puppy Wilson(like the one here) got into Fiberglass! It came off the screen door and was laying on the porch carpet and he decided it would be fun to roll around in it….only we didn’t realize this until we picked him up and nuzzled and cuddled him….and got it all on US! Now we’re all itchy and scratching! It looks like we have cooties!