“Not me!” Monday.

I got this idea from McKMama(at http://www.mycharmingkids.net) and the idea is to write down things you have done but don’t really want to own up to! Here are mine…

1. Squeal over our new stove and exclaim, “I love this stove more than this family!”

2. Sneak a bit of the kids’ food off their plates and eat it when they weren’t looking.

3. Lick my finger and wipe off the 2 year old’s dirty face with my finger like my mother used to do to me and I HATED and swore I’d NEVER do!

4. Kiss the puppy on the lips.

5. Finish off the bag of chips and when asked who ate them all shrug “I don’t know…”


My beef!

http://howlinglatina.blogspot.com/2006_07_01_archive.html My beef: last night I caught part of the tV show Extreme Home makeover and they kept glorifying soldiers and war; saying how war vets and soldiers in the Iraq war are “heroes” and the like; imperlialist flag-waving,nationalism, and war mongering. It made me sick. To me a hero is NOT someone who invades and plunders a foreign nation, and who rapes, pillages, and kills innocent civilians. War should NOT be glorified and those who wage war should not be treated as “heroes”. Jesus was for peace and so must we be.To me a hero is someone who SAVES lives, and often at the risk of their own,and NOT someone who TAKES a life.Those who strive for *peace* are the REAL heroes!!

Some days good things just happen!

The kids had a GREAT Webkinz Weekend in town! They played games, entered contests,and won 2-3 Webkinz each! The highlight was our 5 year old: she won the colouring contest out of ALL the kids in our entire town! Easily at least 100 entrants! She won another Webkinz of her choice! They had such fun!

Yesterday’s Mass….