God’s army?

I recently saw a bit on the military doing humanitarian work in Iraq. This is certainly a far cry from what I usually see,and it shows a whole other side of things. I do not approve of war, or occupying other nations, but it got me thinking: the military CAN do so much good(instead of waging war , invading , plundering and killing) as they have the manpower and the organizational ability to do so; they can evacuate in disasters, send food and medical aid to disaster victims, and refugees and victims of war,provide emergency shelter, they can mobilize troops to clean up after tornadoes and such, they can help stricken communities rebuild,and the like. There is so much good they can do for humanity instead of taking lives. They can become GOD’S army and aid instead of destroy.All they have to do is switch “sides”.Protect, build up and restore society instead of tearing it down and destroying it with war.Take down “dividers” instead of putting them up.Work together with other nations for the good of ALL people.

My broken heart…

I have a broken heart. I have 3 toxic people in my life that are constantly bringing me down. I am dismissed, devalued and degraded by them all the time; being treated like I don’t mater, like I’m unimportant and worthless,that anything that’s just for me, or something that I need,want, or care about is meaningless and an inconvenience. These are family members as well, making it all that much worse. I have taken another emotional beating today again and  am tired of always being last in life. I am always in prayer(for them and for myself) and at low,dark moments like these all I can do is cling to the Cross and know that to Jesus I *DO* matter.