God is for everyone!

I recently had a heated discussion with someone who dismissed God’s Word(as well as His rules, laws, Commandments and the like) as “That’s just what YOU believe!”…except God is for EVERYONE and the rules apply to everyone, regardless whether or not they choose to “accept” it or not. There are consequences to disobedience and just because one chooses to disregard God doesn’t make him “off the hook” so to speak.Even worse still for hypocrites; those who profess to be “Christian’ but still live as they please and ignore God’s decrees. Reminds me of the Pharisees. We ARE obligated to obey God, ALL of us, not just a select few,and the world would be a better place if we all did.God’s Truth IS absolute!! The Bible is the guidebook for LIFE! 🙂

A reminder of springtime past.

Now the Maple tree flowers are  in full blossom and I love the smell. It reminds me of when I was a kid, walking to school and collecting them off the sidewalk along the way, inhaling the sweet floral aroma. I also used to watch the squirrels and wish I was one,too; burrowing safe and snug in my nest, safe from the world,gathering up my nuts, climbing up a tree, being free.I also wanted to be a bird, so I could just fly away…

Disillusioned and disappointed.

Today I feel both disappointed and disillusioned.Disappointed Quaker now has a new recipe for their mini crisp rice cakes. I used to love the sour cream and chives one but now they went and changed it and it’s GROSS! It’s sooo salty and hardly has any sour cream flavour.I spit it out and threw out the rest of the bag and will never buy it again! I even sent off an angry e-mail. It used to be so good! Why did they have to go and change it and ruin it? As well, I found out a couple of people I used to admire and thought were nice and good people actually turned out to be the opposite,and now I feel “cheated” and even betrayed. It’s like you can’t trust anyone anymore or have faith in anyone….except for God, that is!

My time-travel fantasy!

https://i0.wp.com/www.museumgiftshop.co.uk/Application/images/Newpics/70s-Scrapbook-1-md.jpgMy time-travel fantasy is(if I could) travel back to the 1970’s, my favourite time, when I was happy and have nostalgic childhood memories. 1978 was my BEST year ever, and the 70’s was a time I want to return to, and whenever I hear the music from then, or see anything that reminds me, it makes me smile. I wish I could do like on “Lost”, travel back to the 70’s, when I was a kid and life was good.It is my “happy place”.Now when I’m in a bad place I think back to a happy time; what it was like to feel happy.