My “Hooker shoes”.

70s platform shoeI have 2 pairs of funky 70’s platform shoes similar to the ones here, and my kids jokingly call them my “Hooker shoes!” It’s the funniest thing.One pair is a suede reddish-colour and the other is tan suede.It’s crazy-hard to walk in them but I just LOVE them! It’s like a little piece of  the 70’s, my favourite time! I was just a kid then and couldn’t wear them, but I do now(on special occasions).A blast from the past!

Pharisees vs. righteous anger. gripe: so called self-proclaimed ‘Christians” who blatantly sin,even condoning it. Hypocrites.Pharisees. Recently I admonished such a person; not only living in sin but glorifying it, almost PROUD, so I informed them it’s a sin and as a Christian they should know better. I basically had to be “cruel to be kind”; the sin would eventually eat them up and destroy them and it had to be said. I reacted with righteous anger; it really burns me up.They responded they were offended and that I was “evil” and “cruel”. Well, the truth hurts, and some people NEED to BE offended; its the only way to get them to see the truth,and often, one IS offended as they don’t want to hear it;because  their conscience is bothering them. I feel badly they felt  hurt(and it wasn’t my intention)but Christians ARE obligated to FOLLOW God and His laws,and if they don’t they have no business calling themselves “Christians” but rather hyprocrites or Pharisees! No sin, no excuses, no exceptions! The rules DO apply to EVERYONE!We are also commanded to admonish erring believers! Christians are held up to a higher standard,and if one does not uphold it, they are no different than worldly people!We are called to a higher moral code and can’t just live as we please without consequences, otherwise, what separates us from the sinful world?Jesus LOVED sinners enough TO correct their sinful ways!