Big Brother alert!!

I was HORRIFIED to read THIS: the anonymous “they” are hoping to implement a new “program” where hopeful parents have to submit to and be approved and pass a parental “fitness” test, incl. criminal, medical,and financial background checks,and if they don’t “pass” or are found to have any genetic “defects” or other medical issues they won’t be “allowed” to HAVE kids! Sounds eerily like Nazi eugenics to me and a gross infringement on human rights and freedoms! How exactly would they plan to enforce it and prevent people FROM haing kids? Forced sterilizations,and abortions, or what? This is *chilling* and people will resort to giving birth underground; in “secret’.Children are God’s greatest gift and families are the “domestic church” and so Satan and the sinful godless world are trying their best to destroy it…

Jesus WILL judge us!

Someone told me “Jesus doesn’t judge us; He came to forgive us.” Now this is partly true, He DOES forgive our sins, but only if we acknowlegde the sin(and don’t continue it, condone it or excuse it!) STOP the sin and truly repent. He DID come to judge us, and found the world severely lacking and seeped in unrepentent sin; that’s WHY He had to die for us; to SAVE us from our sin! It’s true He will forgive us but it also works both ways; we have to be sorry for our sin and NOT continue sinful lifestyles and trying to :justify” it; we have to REPENT as we WILL be judged, and we WILL be forgiven, but we have to take responsibility,hate sin and change our ways,too.If we choose to continue in sin we have made our own choice to not make it to Heaven as well.Jesus IS the judge, but will we be ready?