Oh, SHIT!!!

Pardon my “French”, but Oh, SHIT!!! That’s all I can think to say: we found out we need a new furnace,which costs 5 thousand$$$! We don’t have that kind of $$$$$ and will need a bank loan. On TOP of that, to get the 1200$ rebate(we *desperately* need!) we have to submit to an enviro-freak inspection and “pass”, AND have to pay the guy 300$ for the “privilege!” (I also worry what if we fail; it’s bad enough having to cower in to the demands of the Earth-worshippers, but what if they “fine” us on TOP of that for NOT being “energy effifient” or “Enviro-friendly?”) Oh, SHIT…this is bad…normally we’d just “make do” with the crappy broken part, except this one will leak carbon monoxide if NOT…oh, SHIT!!

Tyranny of the minority!

logoI read an article stating that Girl Guides of Canada is now considerring removing the mention of “God” in it’s pledge. This is what’s so wrong with society now; the tyranny of the minority; they are the loudest and trample on the rights and beliefs and freedoms of the majority. Any mention of God, Jesus, or anything to do with religion(unless it’s a false pagan one,that is) values, or morals is being censored and eliminated and erased. It’s ok for OTHER non-religious groups(eg. gays, feminists, environmentalists, wiccans, etc..) to foist THEIR beliefs on society but NOT for Christians! Christian-bashing is alive and well and any mention of God is stamped out, and if you dare to speak out on God’s Truth(eg. denounce homosexuality) you will be charged with a “hate” crime. I guess freedom doesn’t work BOTH ways…we are truly in the Last Days but soon this wicked world be be destroyed and once again God will reign Supreme and we can rejoice!

Stop racism!

http://www.unc.edu/~ewicker/images/babiesbacks.jpgRacism is just STUPID. God made people in all different colours, shapes,and sizes. We are all different, yet the same. It’s like flowers in a garden; many varieties yet compliment eachother and are each beautiful in their own way. The world is like a mosaic.No one group is any better than another.Racism is a pet-peeve of mine and unbiblical.Who really CARES what colour someone’s skin is; it”s what’s on the INSIDE that matters! Racism is just wrong.

Get “Lost!”

Last night was the season finale of “Lost”. We finally saw the mysterious “Jacob” the leader of the Others, who was stabbed (presumably to death) in the end by a man who had been trying to kill him for centuries as it would would seem, impersonating John Locke by “duplicating”his body! So who IS it? My guess? Jacob from the Bible, the Father of Israel, who’s sons formed the 12 tribes of Israel. Who was his killer? Maybe Esau, his twin brother?(even though in reality he died an old man of natural causes, but they can “twist’ it for the show, right?) it would also help explain the ancient Egyptian temple and the statue of Anubis, the Egyptian false god of the dead, and Jacob and his sons DID move to Egypt during the famine, where they met up with his son Joseph, who had been sold into slavery earlier by his jealous brothers(but his father thought he was dead) and was now a high official to Pharoah,and is it a coincidence that “Ben” is also a name of one of Jacob’s sons:Benjamin?….just my theory, but I’ll have to wait until next season to find out…hmmmm…I wonder…