Jon & 8 MINUS Kate?

There is a media storm over Jon and Kate Gosselin’s marriage. You know, from the reality show “Jon & Kate plus 8”. I have never watched the show; the commercials for it were enough for me; personally I think neither one of them seem like very “nice” people; she’s bossy and controlling and he belittles and demeans her. I think they sort of “deserve” eachother(I know, that’s not a nice thing to say.Sorry) but it’s sad nevertheless, stories of both of them being unfaithful and having a marriage on the verge of collapse.I think the best thing: concentrate on saving their family and get away from the spotlight; end the show and slip away into a quiet private life and put their marriage back in order for the sake of their family.Fame isn’t worth it; the cost is too high.It destroys too many people.

Beware the gov’t’s watchful eye!

We have decided against getting the gov’t enviro rebate on the new furnace we are getting installed on Tues. They said it required an inspection not ONLY of the new furnace but also the ENTIRE HOUSE; all windows, doors, and ducts,in every room, etc..We find this VERY intrusive and invasive and an invasion of privacy! We don’t want them seeing the kids’ messy rooms, etc.. Anything from the gov’t always comes at a cost and with a price; usually  your freedom,rights, or coercing you into something. It’s such a hassle,and it’s just not worth it! We’re also NOT caving in to enviro demands,and besides, what if we “fail”; the house’s NOT energy efficient and they FINE us? No way! We want NOTHING to DO with it! We’d rather PAY the extra 1200$!!The gov’t is increasingly trampling on people’s privacy and homes, and interfering with their family; keeping a watchful eye out!

The battle of the bulge!

fatbastard.jpgI HATE it that I’m fat. I hate trying every diet imaginable and either having it outright fail(and I starve for nothing as I don’t lose any weight) or it works for awhile…only to regain the weight. I hate going to stores and nothing fits and they don’t “carry my size.” I am genetically “programmed” to be big. I’m not what you’d call “flabby” fat, but I do have a big build.I am just meant to BE big, and I am fighting a losing battle I will never win. Everyone on my mother’s side is fat. There’s no way around it. Once I got into my late 30’s(and even more so now I’m in my 40’s) it just won’t come off. I even looked into gastric bypass(stomach stapling) surgery but my BMI isn’t “big enough”. I LOATHE looking in the mirror.I KNOW I should just accept the fact that’s the way I’m made and stop fighting it, but I can’t.God made people in all different shapes and sizes, I know that, but I STILL need to lose 20-30 pounds. I am big-boned and have this heavy masculine build.Did I tell you I HATE being fat?