What, me worry?

My  biggest struggle: worry. I worry about everything and anything; big things and small things. Worry, fearfulness and anxiety control me, not the other way around. I had reason to worry when our son had cancer, when I had liver failure in my last pregnancy, when our house caught fire,when an enemy endangered us and we had to suddenly move(think Witness Protection and you get the idea) but I worry when I have no just cause, too, such as if the kids are later returning from a walk I worry they got abducted or hit by a car,and if my hubby is late coming home I fear he’s been in an accident,and I worry every fever the kids have is cancer again,etc.. worry wraps itself around me tightly and refuses to let go. I am gripped by cold, stark terror. God did NOT give us a spirit of fear, but God is faithful and bears me up; He carries me thru the darkest moments and I press on,clinging to Him..worrying I’m failing… 🙂

Prayer request.

Prayer request: please pray for fellow blogger Patrice and her husband Matt. They have a baby who requires life-long and complex medical care. It is a tremendous strain and stress on them emotionally. Please pray for them and their family.God is good and will uphold them.Please also pray for baby Kayleigh’s memorial today and for her family,and for baby Bentley, undergoing heart surgery on Wednesday,and for baby Stellan. God bless.

My all-time favourite show!

The Wonder Years (from the 80’s) is my all-time favourite TV show of ALL time! It was about a young boy growing up in the 70’s(like I did) with his family and friends,and his first love.It was an endearing family drama. It ran for a few years and I had every single episode on VCR tape at one point as well….that is, until our house burned down and I lost them all! I have liked several shows over the years but this one is my all-time favourite!