“Catholic” in name only!!

https://i1.wp.com/4.bp.blogspot.com/_795oy3tg_5k/SWbDRFZ35TI/AAAAAAAAAjE/CYqlwCpE3dk/s320/good+habits+bad+habits.jpgMel Gibson. I am ashamed he calls himself a “Catholic”. He is in name only I’m afraid; being arrested for drunken racist  tirades and DUI’s, shamelessly cheating on his devoted wife(and mother of his 7 kids!) for YEARS ,and now his latest gold-digger is prego with his baby! He decried before how he’d never divorce as it’s against his religion…..well….duuuhhh… SO is adultery! Now his marriage is over ,his family is embarrassed and his image is in shatters.What a hypocrite! I feel badly for his family,and for the Church he associates himself with, all the time living a secret life of sin, but eventually the truth will come out,which it did. The bad of it is he makes Catholics all look bad, but we can’t let one “bad apple” ruin the whole lot…he’s a bad example of what a Catholic is NOT! Christians are “lightening rods” as it IS; always targeted for attack, and immoral actions of so-called “Catholics” like him are fodder for the persecution and only make it worse! SHAME on him!!What a loser!

“Not me!” Monday.

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I didn’t have my hubby  fill in the hole in our roof with the squirrels nest in,and then scream in horror as a big raven swooped down and snatched up an “evicted” baby squirrel off the fence.

I didn’t toss the crap I scooped out of the pool(mainly the neighbour’s apple blossoms off their  tree) over the fence into the yard next door.

I didn’t threaten the 6 year old she wasn’t coming to her sister’s Confirmation next week if she didn’t stop misbehaving in Mass yesterday.