“The more you honour Me, the more I will bless you.”

https://i2.wp.com/www.divineinfantofprague.org.uk/Images/pragueinfant.jpgThe Infant Jesus of Prague. I remember my grandmother had a statue of the Divine Infant of Prague on her bedroom dresser and as a child I would stare endlessly at it’s majesty and beauty. There have been favours, blessings, and miraculous healings atributed to the Divine Infant for those who have petitioned it. Someone I knew who was a convert said he found it very hard to understand (and generally found Catholicism confusing!) but I have always found it captivating!

Memories of the past..

Earth Shoes. Does anyone remember these? I had a pair as a kid,in the 1970’s, similar to the ones pictured here except they were a dark blue suede.The heel was lower than the rest of the sole,described as “ergodynamic” whatever on earth that means! All I know is they were comfortable and I liked them. When I saw this image it brought back happy memories from my childhood! Every now and then I get these nostalgic reminders! 🙂