1920’s Flapper flair.

I always liked the 1920’s “Flapper” style; the blunt “Bobbed” haircuts, the dresses,the hats,and the arched pencilled-in eyebrows. I also just got this urge to shave off my eyebrows and pencil them in, 1920’s style.How weird is that? What if it looks horrible, though,and then takes forever to grow back in? That’s why I’m *debating* it. I also have thispea-sized  lump on the nape of my neck at the hairline that I poked and popped with a pin  and dug most of it  out.Now its a crater and it was all flesh or muscle tissue.Gross.(but I didn’t want to have to waste 6 hours waiting in the ER to have it looked at,either, so I just did it myself!)I hope it was just an infected ingrown hair, or a cyst, or boil (carbuncle; I just LOVE that funny word!)or something and NOT cancer…esp. after our son already HAD leukemia…I am the epitome of worry, fear,and anxiety!

God ordained marriage; we cannot redefine it!

California bravely passed Prop 8, banning same-sex “marriages.” Now they are taking it to a vote again(and I presume again and again and again until the radical gay agenda finally gets what it wants; like a tantruming child will not give up until they have their way!)and I hope and pray it passes again. I have to say I was quite shocked, esp. as California seems to be a liberal state! God has ordained marriage between ONE man and ONE woman;it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! I think if gays want unions or domestic partnerships or whatever else they want to call it, then fine, but it’s NOT a “marriage!” Marriage is sacred, and in the Catholic Church a holy Sacrament! We can not redefine or desecrate what God has ordained and made holy. We cannot go against God to appease a minority(or even a majority!) no matter how vocal,obnoxious,disruptive, and loud they are! If gays can “marry” then why not legalize marrying  a child, or your pet, your truck, your relatives, etc.. where will it end? God will NOT be mocked!We MUST stand up for Truth, which is absolute,and the world may change, but God doesnt; neither do His laws!

Let’s ban the environmentalists!

I am soooo SICK of the enviro-freaks dictating their nature-worshipping, tree-hugging enviro-nazi crap onto the rest of society! Banning plastic bags, lawn pesticides, etc.. Now due to the pesticide ban, dandelions are growing out of control everywhere! If they don’t want to “spay” their lawns, fine, but they have no  right to tell ME not to do mine,and I won’t have my lawn look like a run-down slum over-run with dandelions because I can’t spray weed-killer on it! I’ll even go “underground” and buy the pesticides on the black market if I HAVE to! We should make all those nature-lovers take turns pulling out all the dandelions off everyone’s lawn then since it’s their fault we can no longer use weed-killer! I won’t let dandelions take over our lawn just so some liberal  eco-freak can feel good about the Earth! I say lets ban the environmentalists! I’m tired of their rhetoric , propaganda and pagan nature worship,and caring more about animals and the Earth than about PEOPLE!! *I* worship the CREATOR,not the creation!

Always open to new life….

Pro Life AlbaniaMy hubby and I are pro-life.We do NOT agree with abortion(the KILLING of innocent unborn babies because they happen to be “inconvienent”, a “burden”, or “defective” in some way, or because the parents are just too selfish to bother having kids!) or birth-control.We always  leave it open to God,and don’t do anything to prevent conception; always open to offering new life, not denying it, and it’s kind of exciting in a way,too: there lies a possibility that in  any given month I could be prego with a new life and a new soul for Heaven! How awesome is that? It’s liberating too not having to “worry” about birth-control; there’s no stress; only wonder, hope, possibility,and total surrender and submission to GOD’S will!

Our police adventure!

My genius hubby got pulled over by the cops! As it turns out, his license plate had expired, so he got a ticket and had to go to the kiosk and renew the sticker! What a tool! It’s renewable on your birthday…which his was in OCTOBER! He had 5 of the kids with him,too, so they got quite the adventure!

An OPP cruiser sits parked as Commissioner Julian Fantino greeted a host of media when he introduced the OPP's new Provincial Traffic Safety Program in 2006.