I-yah! My bubble has burst!

I LOVE Susan Boyle, the “plain” Scottish woman with the angelic voice. The underdog. The one I hoped will show the rest of the world that looks don’t matter and talent is a gift from God.The one I hoped would be a shining example for all non-beautiful folks everywhere.The one that would finally get her chance , get a break, and show them all. Now I hear she has developed a rude “Diva” attitude; unleashing a tirade of “F-Bombs” and showing quite a nasty side to herself.Sure, no one’s perfect and she’s only human and none of us are “above” bad bahaviour…but I have to say my “bubble” has burst; she doesn’t seem to be the humble,kind, gentle soul I thought she was, that she came across as,and presented herself as.I feel “duped”, disillusioned,and “cheated”. Crap.I hoped she was genuine; the real deal; the honestly “good” person and good example in a world of corruption. I’d hoped fame wouldn’t spoil or ruin her. Great; now I’m “bummed-out!”

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