How much WORSE can the world POSSIBLY get?

Now they say abducted 8 year old Tori Stafford is officially declared murdered. She was taken and discarded by someone she KNEW. How much worse can the world POSSIBLY get? Kids aren’t even safe in their own yards anymore, can’t be left alone,and pedophiles lurk everywhere waiting for innocent prey to snatch up. NOTHING,and I repeat NOTHING is worse than molesting and killing a child. “People” who do such things are MONSTERS and pure EVIL! Satan rules the world alright, and I honestly don’t think the world can get any more evil, immoral, devaluing of life, corrupt, ungodly, sinful, depraved, inhuman,brutal, senseless,etc..we are in the Last Days and End Times and the good of it is Jesus will return soon and heal the broken world, restore a godly society, destroy the wicked and save the righteous, but until then it is SO hard to endure, to barely hold on…

Secondary infertility?

Even though I have 11 kids I think I may have secondary infertility and this thought makes me sad; sad I’ll never again  feel the flutters of life growing inside me, sad I’ll never hold a newborn again or breastfeed. Sad there will no longer be any more babies in the house. I have been pregnant and had babies for the past almost 20 years and  even though all things must come to an end this saddens me and it feels like an identity crisis. I won’t know what to DO with myself! It took 3 YEARS to get prego with the last one and he’s 2 years old now and nothing since; am I starting menopause? God opens and closes the womb,and although I am grateful I’ve had many babies the fact that it may be over now(I’m 42) fills me with a loss.

The most disgusting product review ever!

Ok, this is the Diva Cup. It is a flexible silicone cup you insert into your (what my kids call “rude-part”) to catch the monthly flow of,well, you know…”Aunt Flow!” It saves mess and expense of pads,and of the mess of tampons, sounds good so far, right….except after having birthed 11 kids I’m,well, ahem…stretched(a massive gaping cavern is probably more like it!!),and the little cup keeps slipping down and FALLS OUT!(I even have it in the largest size!) it also leaks! In theory it looks good and perhaps for others it works(if the cup actually stays PUT like it’s supposed to!) but not for me.I AM one of THOSE people though, too; the unlucky souls where nothing works for or ever goes right for;I’m sorta cursed like that, so it could just be that,too(even if the exact same  thing works for other people it never works for me)..either way, since it always falls out, I wouldn’t recommend it,esp. as it costs 50$!! GROSS-OUT factor: I always have to keep shoving it back up every few minutes. It has to be taken out, emptied of it’s contents, washed, and re-inserted(I do this 3-4 times over 24 hours). The pressure makes it hard for me to pee. I have to take it out if I do(the kids call “ca-ca”) or else it shoots out with the pushing(TMI?) I sometimes get all crampy with it and it rubs on, well, let’s just say, certain parts. I have woken up with it turned side-ways and leaking.Maybe my anatomy is just abnormal?