Divine Justice!!

I just read a notorious abortion “doctor” was shot and killed.His clinic had been bombed before and he survived a previous shooting. Now, I don’t condone violence,and I agree murder is still  murder,and killing is never the answer, but I also can’t help but think it’s Divine Justice. He slaughtered countless defenceless unborn babies and now he himself has been killed(violence breeds violence), and with that, countless more future babies have been saved as a result. He was one of the few who also performed late-term abortions(although ALL abortions are equally reprehensible and the babies are equally as dead.) I figure he sort of had it coming; what goes around,comes around…and Hell now has a new inhabitant!!There’s just no way you can murder and get away with it.God will NOT be mocked!As I once heard quoted in a movie,”He needed killin’.”Now God can judge him…

Nervous and anxious every 2 months!

Every 2 months our son(age 11) has his bloodwork checked at the cancer clinic to ensure the leukemia hasn’t returned. So far so good.It’s been 4 years now( 3 years of chemo and a year off) but the possibility is always there that at any given time he CAN relapse and it’s always in the back of my mind.Just before he’s due for another check-up(it’s on Tuesday) I am filled with anxiety and worry; afraid something worrisome will show up.I hope and pray all is well(and there’s no reason to think it won’t be; he doesn’t seem sick or have any indications)but it’s always THERE, lurking.Please pray everything will be ok and we can breathe a sigh of relief for another 2 months…I can’t even IMAGINE him(and our family) going thru this again!!

Democracy or dictatorship?

[dictatorship.jpg]Governments are increasingly intruding upon private matters, trampling on families,and steamrolling over our privacy, rights,and freedoms. I just read 2 cases: a 13 year old in Minnesota who is refusing chemo to treat his cancer and where the courts ordered him seized by child welfare and forced against his will to submit to the treatment.I call this ASSAULT!(as well as tyranny of the mind!) Another case involves 2 kids in Manitoba who have been seized simply because their parents are white supremacists.Granted, I personally DON’T agree with their views, but I DO,however, defend their RIGHT to believe what they want WITHOUT gov’t intrusion;it doesn’t mean they’re bad parents and don’t deserve to have their kids taken away simply because the gov’t  doesn’t like their political beliefs, otherwise, where does it END? Who will they come for NEXT? Christians?Homeschoolers?Certain ethnic groups?Wait..it’s already begun; they already HAVE! We have to stand up and demand justice and take back our God-given rights. Parents should have the ultimate say over their families, which are ordained by God.I don’t recognize any other “authority”and am only accountable to Him.We can’t let gov’t intrusion suppress our families! We must not allow democracy to turn to dictatorship!!