Divine Justice!!

I just read a notorious abortion “doctor” was shot and killed.His clinic had been bombed before and he survived a previous shooting. Now, I don’t condone violence,and I agree murder is still  murder,and killing is never the answer, but I also can’t help but think it’s Divine Justice. He slaughtered countless defenceless unborn babies and now he himself has been killed(violence breeds violence), and with that, countless more future babies have been saved as a result. He was one of the few who also performed late-term abortions(although ALL abortions are equally reprehensible and the babies are equally as dead.) I figure he sort of had it coming; what goes around,comes around…and Hell now has a new inhabitant!!There’s just no way you can murder and get away with it.God will NOT be mocked!As I once heard quoted in a movie,”He needed killin’.”Now God can judge him…

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