You know you’re Canadian when….

In honour of Canada Day tomorrow… know you’re Canadian when….

You know only 2 seasons REALLY exist: winter and construction.

Winter lasts for 5 months long: November-March.

You’ve camped out in the woods in a tent and have been in a canoe.

You’ve seen bears and/or moose in your lifetime.

Deer, raccoons,squirrels,chipmunks,skunks,beavers,and chickadees are common sights.(incl. as highway roadkill!)

You spot a “Tim Horton’s” on every corner.

You have either a birch,maple, or pine tree in your yard.

You can skate,ski,snowboard,and Ski-Doo.

You think 15 degrees C is considered warm.

– 35 degrees C in winter is just a normal day.

Your car locks freeze in winter on a regular basis.

You own a parka and either a wool toque or fur hat with ear flaps.

Cottages, campgrounds,fishing,and lakes are never too far away from anywhere.

You put real maple syrup on your pancakes.

Your TV goes off frequently due to ice-storms and blizzards.

You have Canadian Tire “money” in your wallet.

You regularly shop at Zellers.

You say “Z” as “zed” and not “zee”.

You use te letter “U”, such as in neighbour,colour,honour,flavour,favourite,etc..(and always have it underlined in red on your computer’s spellcheck!)

You know Thanksgiving’s in October and NOT November.

You’re used to seeing labels,directions,and instructions on everything in French.

You just need to bring your Health Card when you go to the hospital and not your wallet and credit cards.

You accept blackflies and mosquitoes are just a part of summer.

“OFF! Deep Woods” bug spray is practically your perfume all summer.

You have eaten Poutine.

You’ve heard people say,”Eh?”

You expect home-grown TV shows and movies will generally suck.

Going “South” means USA.

Metric: it’s just the way everything is.

You have seen(or set off) fireworks every May and July.

…yet despite all that, *I* still DON’T drink beer,and don’t care for curling or hockey!! 🙂

Tomorrow is Canada Day!

Tomorrow is Canada Day,and it will be 142 years old,easy for me to remember as I was born when it was 100 so all I have to do is add 100 to my age and figure it out! 🙂

Canada Day is always a big money maker for our family; it is always the biggest day for our family business, but it ALSO depends on the weather (as activities are all outdoors) and tomorrow it’s supposed to rain,and even STORM! This, of course, will have a big negative impact not only on the all-day outdoor celebrations, night fireworks display, but on our business.Doesn’t it figure?The best day for us would be a nice, sunny day…

My favourite actors.

My favourite actors are NOT the classic “handsome leading man” actors(although for the “hunks” I have to admit I DO like Brad Pitt, George Clooney,and Armand Assante) I like the actors that are, well, good actors! My favourites are: Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson,Tommy Lee Jones, Billy Bob Thornton, Al Pacino,and Robert DeNiro. They are, in fact, the *older* actors,and not classically handsome, but I think they are the BEST at what they do, play their roles well, and are the highest quality actors. I don’t go by looks, or by age; I go by their ACTING skills,that’s it,and isn’t that what REALLY matters,anyway? I may or may not like them as people,(and, in fact, the majority of celebs DO live quite immoral lives!)but I think they are the best actors out there!(their private lives, religion, sexual orientation, etc. isn’t what I go by.)I like them as actors,period,and they’re the best!As for actresses, I like Meryl Streep,and  Susan Sarandon.

I don’t know WHY I find this so funny…

Napoleon Dynamite. This was, for some reason, to me a funny and endearing movie. People say it’s lame, cheap,stupid, retarded, etc..and the like, but I thought it was hilarious! I couldn’t help but feel empathy for poor “poindexter” misfit Napoleon,and happiness he found a friend in Pedro. I thoughtthe dancing scene with the “moon” boots was so funny,and his quotes were classic.I even dubbed-in quotes from the movie onto my answering machine at one point,and even our Parish priest loved the message, and said he liked the movie,too. I don’t know why, but this movie really cracked me up and I even have a talking “Napoleon” doll, and a “Vote for Pedro!” T-shirt,too! 🙂

“Not me!” Monday.

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I didn’t…toss a dead mouse I scooped out of the pool skimmer over the fence into the neighbour’s yard….

I didn’t pee outside( in a bush) while home alone with the kids, who were all out in the pool and I couldn’t just LEAVE them in there  alone and run inside…

I didn’t crack-up laughing when the kids shot seagulls with water-guns…

I didn’t laugh out loud when one of the kids remarked about the Lego Camper set as a  “Trailer-trash Lego”…..

I didn’t pee in the pool as I was too lazy to get out and go inside the house….


There is NO “pride” in flaunting sin!!

Toronto is having it’s annual gay “Pride” parade,or day, or week, or whatever. How about this: a Heterosexual Pride parade/day/week/month/holiday? Naaahhh,I guess it really DOESN’T work both ways; reverse discrimination! Now why is it that the minorities(gays, feminists, enviro-freaks,etc.) are always the most vocal,the loudest, the most obnoxious,and  get the “special features?” If people want to be gay, they should at least be discreet(and no, I don’t approve of straight people making out in public, either; some things are just meant to be done in private!) and not flaunt their depravity and sin for all the world to see.Have some taste and some class. You know, we’re NOT all interested in seeing scantily-clad men parade down the street, dressed in the most obscene,perverted, and kinky things imaginable(and in some cases, even totally naked!) it’s immoral, it’s disgusting,and not everyone WANTS to see such a gross public display glorifying sin.(I wouldn’t want to see straight whores  walking around half-naked,either, just so you know; it’s not just a “gay thing”; it’s a morality thing) Keep it in the bedroom, in the privacy of your own home; we DON’T all want to hear about it! God will NOT be mocked and the rest of the world doesn’t need the gay agenda constantly shoved in their face.People are gay.Yes, we know, we get it, but it doesn’t mean we always have to have it foisted on us,and to fly the rainbow flag in police headquarters, even in so-called “Catholic” hospitals, and anywhere else IS going way too far. It’s like the’re trying to “convert” the world, or something, and I for one, have had enough of it! I follow GOD! Love the sinner, hate the sin.(and don’t flaunt it!!)

Weekly family update.

As usual, it was a filled week! My credit card was hacked,the kids shot seagulls with waterguns, Wilson swam in the pool with us, I scooped a dead mouse out of the pool skimmer,and the boys volunteered at Church. One of the kids also headed to camp to teach for 7 weeks,and another will go to Cadet camp  for 2 weeks in July, and 4 more of the kids  for a week at Bible camp in August. My hubby may be able to get a job in the Philippines as well so he’s checking that option out, and it was so hot all week we spent lots of time in the pool! This upcoming week is also Canada Day and we’ll be going to an airshow next w/e.We had our annual After School Party this past week  as well with a pinata, pizza, and gifts,and one of the kids thinks she saw an angel as well: a bright light “orb” and it quickly shot upwards!We had a couple of big storms too, and even a tornado watch! Interesting week!! 🙂

Dirty laundry.

I am airing my dirty laundry: our 18 year old just left for 7 weeks to teach at cadet camp,and I find myself relieved,and even joyous. You see, we have a very strained relationship(but then again, who doesn’t with their teens,right?)To make a long story short, she has always been difficult,mouthy, and defiant.To add to matters, my mother(this SAME mother who has never shown me love,interestingly enough) has always over-indulged,pampered, and catered to her, causing her to become a haughty,self-absorbed, snotty “princess” with an incredible sense of entitlement..Needless to say, this results in many clashes and has gotten to the point where we basically try to avoid eachother.She is the only child who is never denied anything, never told “no”, doesn’t have to do chores or help out, and never gets punished, always comes first all the time,and always gets the first and best, “thanks” to my mother’s blatant favouritism,(and my hubby doesn’t stand up to her,either; I think he’s afraid of her!)which the other kids resent and I protest but I am always over-ruled,and because I’m the only person who doesn’t give her special rights and make her follow the SAME rules as everyone else that makes ME the “bad guy” and I “pick” on’s MY “fault!”.and so it goes.I think it’s best we distance ourselves from eachother as it’s a toxic relationship and serves no useful purpose for either of us. In the fall she leaves out of town for university as well and as a result, there will be a drastic lessening of the stress-level, strife,conflict,and discord in our home.As our son once remarked, “Just because you’re related doesn’t mean you like eachother”.You can’t choose family,and sometimes it’s best to just go your separate ways for everyone’s emotional well-being and best interest.

I’ve been hacked!

I just found out my credit card has been HACKED!(and I have to pay off the final amount on my trip in a WEEK,too!) some shady online gambling charges showed up(and I don’t even gamble!!) but luckily the credit card company KNEW it was suspicious and not my normal charges, so they alerted us,stopped any new charges from going thru(even mine; they declined it at the stores today!)and cancelled the card and will issue me a new number! Now the question is, where did they GET my number FROM? Could it be from something I ordered online and the wrong people somehow got the number and used it for fraudulent purposes? I feel so victimized! Is NOTHING safe anymore? I seriously have NO faith in humanity left…

Pondering a possibility….

It would be so nice if my hubby is able to get a job with a Canadian firm in the Philippines(he’s looking into it and what it entails) and it got me thinking what we’d have to prepare if so: make sure all passports are up to date(there’s only 3 we have to do) and likely have to get extra vaccines, and my mother would stay behind here with the house and we’d just rent a furnished place there and lease a van, and we’d have Wilson shipped up at a later date,and we’d only have to take our summer clothes(they don’t have winter and snow there!!) and our homeschooling books. Employers generally arrange the visas and all necessary paperwork,but if we have to pay our own expenses it’ll cost a lot on airfare to transport our “child army”,and ahead of time we’d just have our son’s oncologist refer us to a cancer centre over there to continue his follow-up….the idea is certainly exciting,and a possibility I can get used to and look forward to…what a fascinating journey and adventure it could be!!