“Not me!” Mondays.

As created by http://www.mycharmingkids.net

I didn’t shave off my eyebrows and never tell the kids and vainly  always have them pencilled-in before I get them up in the morning so they’ll never see me look like an alien…

I don’t kiss my puppy on the lips…

I didn’t accidently knock over a roll of toilet paper on the counter into the toilet and feign surprise when asked what happened to it…

I didn’t think to myself “Serves him right!” when a notorious abortionist was killed(I’m pro-LIFE afterall!)…

I didn’t blog about feminine hygeine products…

I didn’t pick at my scabs…

I didn’t sneak a fibre powder into the kids’ drinks and not tell them…

I didn’t hide the step up to the trampoline on the 2 year old so he couldn’t climb on as I was too lazy to watch him….

I didn’t read hurtful comments when I swore to myself I wouldn’t as I would only upset myself…

I didn’t feel envy hearing about others who are pregnant or had babies, knowing it’s likely over for me now….


One thought on ““Not me!” Mondays.

  1. The story about the missing plane freaks me out too!
    I never pick at my scabs…especially after telling my 8 yr old not too!
    I also never hide things from my 18month old and feel guilty about it…it’s for his safety…and my peace of mind!

    Happy Monday!

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