Exactly what my heart needed!

http://www.northlandlending.com/shop/index.php/cPath/37I went to Confession today and it was Fr.P who I’d tried to avoid(for fear he’d scold me again!) but ended up with nevertheless(I’d mistankenly thought it was Fr.B),but as it turned out it was EXACTLY what I needed! I was burdened feeling envy; envious of others who are pretty,and my being unfortunate-looking has caused me grief and lack of self-esteem. He told me that he, being black, is treated the same way; ignored, rejected, mistreated,called names, and the like; he knows how I feel. He asked if I’d rather be black(I replied I wouldn’t care what colour I was; I just don’t want to be ugly!) then he peered thru the little window and whooped, “You’re NOT ugly!”(I replied,”You’re a priest; you have to be nice!you have to say that!”) and proceeded to tell me even pretty people aren’t necessarily happy,and that I have other blessings, such as my 11 kids and good health. He really gave me encouragement and comfort when I needed it the most. He wasn’t even going to give me penance either until I said,”Come on, you have to give me SOMETHING!” As it turned out, I was GLAD I went to him; he’s right and I feel better,and I am no longer “afraid” to go to him for Confession anymore! He healed my heart in so many ways! The important thing isn’t what I look like on the outside; God sees the heart,and my life is “right” with Him,and that’s what matters. Now I have to try and see myself as He does…

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