Things that make you go “Hmmmmmm?”

What is real and what is not? What is true and what is false? Here are a few things that I am currently pondering….

THE BABY APRIL ROSE MYSTERY: Is the blog about baby April Rose, suffering from a lethal diagnosis, for real? Are they genuinely hurting people who are merely reaching out for support and prayers…or is it a cruel hoax?(If it is a scam, the good of it is at least there really isn’t a critically ill baby or distraught family, but the bad is it’s painfully dishonest!) The site has been shut down; they claim due to false accusations and hatred( and I know what this is like to be wrongly accused; when I posted about our son’s leukemia diagnosis people said I was “faking”it, and I have suspended  accounts for constant attacks)but others say it is a fraud that got found out and forced to delete.It calls for prayerful reflection, discernment and just leaving it with God and surrendering it to Him.Darned if I know..

THE AIR FRANCE PLANE CRASH: Planes are made to withstand storms.(I was in one myself during a thunderstorm and actually saw lightening hit the side of the plane.It made for violent turbulence but they merely went higher up,above the storm).The likelihood of it crashing in a storm is remote. All systems failed at once as well; also unheard of; the electrical system is so complex that if one system fails others compensate; taking over, yet EVERYTHING, incl. the “back-up” just suddenly failed? Doesn’t make sense. There were no warnings indicating mechanical failure,and no distress calls from the crew. Another pilot neaby reported seeing a “bright white flash; a vertical trajectory falling downwards and in 6 seconds, just vanished.” This is certainly a mystery….could it have been sabotage? A bomb? Rapid decompression can cause it to break apart mid-air, but what would CAUSE it?

One thought on “Things that make you go “Hmmmmmm?”

  1. We now know about the truth behind April Rose. She is obviously ill, and I think the illness that created the ‘sinner’ is still worthy of prayer.

    Air France… Incorrect data and readings could have caused the plane to fly faster or slower than recommended for the conditions. Through turbulence, incorrect speed ( faster speeds for sure)could break up a plane in Mid air. The fault was probably not electrical since the electronic messages functioned to report errors even when the Captain couldn’t/didn’t radio ground control.

    These were the Errors through ACARS transmissions
    – One message that indicates a fault in the pitot-static system
    The first automated system-failure message in a string of radio alerts from the crashed jet explicitly indicated that the [airspeed] sensors were faulty”.
    The twelve warning messages with the same time code indicate that the autopilot and auto-thrust system had disengaged, that the TCAS was in fault mode, and flight mode went from ‘normal law’ to ‘alternate law’ The remainder of the messages occurred from within a three minute time frame containing a fault message for an Air Data Inertial Reference Unit and the Integrated Standby Instrument System. Minutes later, a warning message NAV ADR DISAGREE indicated that there was a disagreement between the independent air data systems. Two minutes later, a fault message for the flight management guidance and envelope computer was sent. One of the two final messages, transmitted at 02:14 three minutes after the previous message at location 3°34′40″N 30°22′28″W / 3.5777°N 30.3744°W / 3.5777; -30.3744. It was a warning referring to the air data reference system. The last warning was a “cabin vertical speed warning”

    I honestly think it was a failure of the speed/flight data instruments that caused the plane to fly at an incorrect speed in the given situation.

    God rest their souls. The whole thing is absolutely, heartbreakingly tragic.

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