“Wil-thid”, my uppy-puppy!

Wilson update: Wilson(our Shih Tzu puppy,looks exactly like the one seen here,and for a joke we dubbed,”Wil-thid”;don’t ask) now tolerates me bathing and blow-drying him, cutting his nails,and even trimming “dingle berries” off his butt-hairs,and clipping his coat to a short “puppy coat”(no, I am NOT going to grow his hair all silky,willowy long and with a baratte or bow and look “gay”) and he fetches, comes when you call him, knows his name,sits, will stand up and “dance”,give you his “paw” on command,and LOVES to sit on the porch and watch the chipmunks thru the fence! He also pulls this little toy dog on a string,trailing along behind him,which is HILARIOUS! At the end of June he will be 5 months old.

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