Say it isn’t so April Rose!

Well, now the general consensus from fellow bloggers and comments seems to indicate the whole baby April Rose blog was nothing more than an elaborate scam,afterall! It was a cruel hoax; a fraud. I have to say I’m quite surprised and taken aback by it; I sincerely thought they were legitimate; they seemed so sincere.It shocks, saddens,and stuns me to find out it’s likely otherwise. I feel hurt,mislead, and disillusioned.I don’t,however, ever regret praying. Prayer is NEVER wasted,and if nothing else, still reflects well on those of us who genuinely cared about what we thought was a family in need.We must never stop caring, or stop praying because we have been “had”, because we have been hurt, because we have felt cheated and betrayed. I agree this is painfully dishonest and a cruel thing to do, to string people’s emotions along like that(not to mention those who donated to them!) but God is good and we must not stop caring,even though there ARE a lot of people out there who aren’t who they claim to be; the world IS full of deception and sin, but we must rise above that as well as to forgive.

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