Somebody tell this woman “NO!”

I can’t believe it: Now Madonna IS allowed to buy the kid from Africa? Before she was denied(not something she’s used to) but suddenly the judge changed his mind? I bet she paid him to!Like a tantruming child she kept putting up a fuss until they gave in and she finally got her way! I’m just so sick of these spoiled,pampered celebs being able to always get everything they want; their fame, and fortune can buy ANYTHING, even *people* now,too! It’s time they were told ,”NO!” for once! It sickens me the special treatment they receive and how they are even above the law!(remember OJ Simpson?) So now Madonna gets to purchase another child to add to her collection; it reminds me of celebs carrying around those little dogs in their purses; only now it’s little African babies they parade around, like prized trophies! People are NOT commodies to be bought and sold! This is shameful! Buying children has become the latest Hollywood trend and it’s not right! Somebody should tell this woman,NO!” for once!

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