What have we done this week?

This w/e is Cub camp for some of the kids.There’s also a family BBQ and bonfire later tonight. The kids have also spent much of the week in the pool as it’s been hot.I call foggy goggles(“gogglers”) “foggles”, and the 2 year old has been the usual little devil; pouring cereal into the washing machine and all over the floor, and putting a full bag of Ritz crackers in the toilet! I call him “Mr.Iggy” as well as whenever I say he’s cute he’ll tease me and say, “Iggy!”(ugly) and smirk.His favourite saying is “Want some more!” as well. Wilson had been sick but seems ok now and still enjoying his favourite pasttime of watching chipmunks.He chases them and almost caught one except I stopped him, not wanting it to bite his nose! I caught a mouse this week as well, and found out I was duped by an InterNet hoax.Last week was the church picnic ,and next week 2 of the kids are going to Niagara Falls for their birthday outing!

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