Family update!

The past 2 days we have done lots,incl I caught another mouse(NOT the computer kind; field mouse!)and scooped a dead mouse out of the pool! It’s been really hot(24 degrees C) and even Wilson likes to sit beside me and get sprayed with the mist from the outside fan attached to the hose and cool off! The kids have been in the pool, sprayed eachother with the hose, threw their toys in cars off ramps doingEvel Knieval-style  “stunts”, and the 2 year old threw all the goggles into the pool and ties the life-jackets together! He also frantically hops around and wails,”Phone!Phone!Phone!” when the phone rings,and even picks it up and then hangs up to make it stop ringing,and plays “Fetch” with the dog he calls ,”Setch!” The kids put an empty Tylenol bottle on Wilson’s tail and well and watch him take it off,and the 13 year old has stomach pains I first worried was her appendix but now think it might just be,let’s just say,ahem…coming into “womanhood”…Wilson also got his coat clipped and it was like shearing a sheep! We also saw 4 F-16’s flying overhead practicing for the air show next month!Our son at university FINALLY found a summer job as well, but now won’t be able to come up and visit us anymore! 😦

Yet more petty politics!

So now the minority Conservative  gov’t is sort of in “limbo”; the opposition parties have it’s survival hanging by a thread: the Socialist NDP and Separatist Bloc Quebecois(who care only about what’s best for Quebec) parties have already decided to try and bring the minority gov’t down, but the Liberals( who like gov’t control of everything and to tax you to death) as the opposition have threatened to bring it down UNLESS it concedes to their demands to amend the budget…yet again.If they don’t give in, they will be toppled(on Friday) and forced to a summer election(which no one wants,would only produce backlash against the Liberals, and would serve them right if next time the Conservatives won a MAJORITY!), just months after we had one! I am SICK of these petty politics; they look for every excuse to topple the ELECTED(by the PEOPLE) gov’t and grab power at every chance they get,and use blackmail to get what they want in exchange for “keeping” the gov’t. Just like petty, childish kids, whining, demanding, threatening,manipulating,tantruming,and sulking to get their way.It’s embarrassing really, as well as unstable, and I wish they’d all just GROW UP and play nice!(“I’m taking my ball and I’m going HOME!!”)