Here comes Big Brother!

  • enable police to access information on an Internet subscriber, such as name, street address and email address, without having to get a search warrant.
  • force Internet service providers to freeze data on their hard drives to prevent subscribers under investigation from deleting potentially important evidence.
  • require Telecom companies to invest in technology that allows for the interception of Internet communications.
  • allow police to remotely activate tracking devices already embedded in cellphones and certain cars, to help with investigations.
  • allow police to obtain data about where Internet communications are coming from and going to.
  • make it a crime to arrange with a second person over the Internet the sexual exploitation of a child.

The above are what the gov’t now wants to legislate so police can eavesdrop on people over the Internet.They want to be able to access all their ‘Net activities, stalk, monitor, track, and intercept all their communication! Our rights and freedoms are quickly being eroded away and steamrolled over, bit by bit. How chilling is this?

I hate this town!!

I hate this town.I never did like it.It reminds me of The Pogue’s song,”Dirty Old Town”.It is poor for the most part, dirty, run down, the downtown looks like a ghost-town with most businesses lasting under a year and most stores empty. There is a high number of break-ins and drug-related crimes, esp. considering the small population.They steal EVERYTHING here,and I DO mean EVERYTHING; they even snatch underwear off clotheslines and cans out of our recycling box! Before we moved in, the house(empty at the time) had been broken in to and the door was broken. People here are not responsible, reliable, or on time. Everything always gets cancelled,and you can’t rely on or depend on people here. There are a few nice, big, old houses(ours incl.) but most are run-down slums. There are so much “white-trash” here,and nothing of much value. It is a popular summer tourist attraction for camping, cottaging and fishing,but that’s about it. We only moved here in haste; in quick desperation a few years ago  to escape a threat and danger; we had to flee and go into hiding  and no one would think to look for us here(afterall, who would PURPOSELY want to live here? Even we don’t!!) The harrowing   attempt on our family and the danger  has long past, but moving is sooo expensive and such a hassle, so here we still are.Dirty old town.

Buzz-off! Obama vs. the fly vs. PETA!

Stupid story of the day:animal-rights freaks PETA are at it again! Proving they are even more retarded than I thought: they condemned US Prez Obama for, get this…wait for it….SWATTING A FLY! For real!! They chastised him for not thinking before he acts,and said he should get a “humane” fly trap that merely catches the fly to be released outside(yeah, so it can fly back INSIDE! Duuuhhhh!!) Do they even realize how ridiculous they sound? They are just so fanatical, insane,and crazy! I am so sick of them and their propaganda! I bet they think it’s fine to abort a human baby but not kill a fly! Oh, no!! Mustn’t harm an ANIMAL! The only good of it is it’ll show people how stupid and pointless they really are and turn people off them even more!! They really should get a life and stop dictating to everyone to not eat meat, wear fur, have service animals, etc..WHO CARES!! Don’t they seriously have better things to do than worry about a FLY?

Is Father Suarez a miracle worker?

This is Father Fernando Suarez. He is a Filippino priest who has many miracle faith  healings attributed to him. He was in Canada but then banned from saying Mass and has since returned home. He is currently building a shrine,and generous in helping youth and alleviate poverty.He also has been credited with healings,so what is the problem? He isn’t asking for money,isn’t getting rich, and it’s not a scam. He claims he has had the healing gift since his youth and has cured sickness.Jesus  and His Apostles had this same gift of healing.Personally, I see no harm; people are being cured, their faith is increased, and it is a testimony to God’s Greatness.God can work thru other people and I don’t think it’s right Fr.Suarez has been outcast and banned. Who would have the nerve to say no to GOD or His servants? Who would refuse a gift from God? Who would reject God’s blessings?

Silencing “rogue” priesthood society?

What is it that’s so harmful about the Fraternity of St. Pius X? They are merely traditionalists striving to preserve the Latin Rite Mass, yet the SSPX Masses are “forbidden”,not “authorized” by the Vatican,and are not “approved” and it’s priests and ordinations  have no “status” within the Church.Basically, they have been “outlawed”,with risk of excommunication,with warnings to the faithful to avoid such Masses. Why? Personally, I PREFER the traditional Tridentine Mass and wish they would return to it! I applaud them for holding on to and defending it, and they really shouldn’t need special “permission” to conduct the Latin Mass! There are plenty of conservative, traditional Catholics who WANT it, and what harm is there in SSPX Masses? The Pope COULD be wrong about this; he IS only human afterall, and keep in mind at one time  the Tridentine Mass WAS de riguer in ALL Catholic Churches, so why now has it suddenly become “rogue”, and something to be done almost in secret? I think it should be brought back,and kudos to the Fraternity of St. Pius X for keeping the tradition!God doesn’t change, even if people,and the world, and even the Church, does!