Pogue Mahone’s 4 Noble Truths:


No matter what, I KNOW for a fact the following are tried and true; take my word for it: 🙂

1. Once you are in your 40’s(and 50’s and 60’s for that matter!) the weight WILL pile on,and it will refuse to come off.(a sad fact.)

2. Washing your face with original Noxzema cream WILL make it noticeably clearer, radiant,and brighter.(It did for me!)

3. To eliminate(or a least drastically reduce) swelling, bruising and bumps after an injury: immediately apply a vinegar-soaked cotton ball to the injury, affixing with a Band-Aid.(We’ve had A LOT of practice with THIS one!!)

4. To stop coughing overnight: slather the bottoms of  your feet in Vicks Vapo-Rub and put socks on….it really works!

Please pray for them!!

Please pray for those in need:

For baby Stellan, who has a heart condition and is back in the hospital and quickly running out of options.

For Jon and Kate, a high profile couple having marriage troubles.

For baby Hope and her family, soon to be born, but not expected to survive.

For Nienie and her husband, survivors of a horrific plane crash and suffering severe burns.

For Doug, undergoing a triple-bypass surgery soon.

For the Holy Souls in Purgatory,and for all souls.

For the unborn and an end to abortion.

I feel so pretty….pretty downcast!!

Last night in a movie a character mentioned how at times she’s looking particularly good,and how she “feels pretty” and “feels good about herself”, and it hit me with a painful dose of hard reality that I have NEVER felt like that; not even once, and it was a sad, shattering  realization.I look like the picture seen here(well, not quite, but you get the idea) I have been born “unfortunate” looking. I have always wanted to be pretty and wished I was, but I never have been and I never will be.It’s a cold,hard fact I must accept, but it’s hard. Fr.P told me once that pretty people aren’t necessarily HAPPY people; their health may not be good, they may not be able to have kids, and so on, and that THEY may even be envious of ME! It was a real eye-opener, but the fact still remains I hate the way I look and hate looking in mirrors or having photos taken. Life can be very cruel to the ugly and I suppose this is one of the Crosses God has chosen to give to me.I try to see myself(and to love myself) as He does but it’s just SO hard! I feel so downcast, and short of extensive plastic surgery I can’t afford there’s nothing I can do.I realize God made people all different ways and not everyone CAN be pretty and lucky for me, He loves me just as I am! I am broken but not forsaken or alone!

The Wilson chronicles and weekly update.

Wilson is coming along well with his training! Now he won’t go to the bathroom in his crate overnight anymore but  “holds” it and waits until he’s let out in the morning,and if he’s sitting on your lap in the livingroom and has to go he’ll hop off,run to the kitchen and go on the paper.He goes outside as well! What a good boy! As for the rest of us, the 2 year old continues to run into door frames and get bumps on his head, tied all the life-jackets hanging up on the fence together, and jammed a Wii game into the VCR slot on the TV! My hubby also took 2 of the kids to Marineland in Niagara Falls for their combined birthday outing.Our oldest son away at university finally found a summer job,and on Friday  the 18 year old is heading off to camp where she’ll  teach   for 7 weeks ,and then off to start university in the fall.The rest of us are getting over colds and Pink-Eye.Such is our “glamourous” life, ha ha…