Pink does more than you think!!

See this disgusting red eye? Mine looks kind of like this; I have Pink-Eye; it’s in both eyes but one is REALLY bad; I woke up with them all crusty(eye-hockey) and stuck together. They are also incredibly itchy, red, watery, swollen,and have pus, sticky, stringy gunk,and with one the lower membrane is so swollen it’s covering up half my vision and it feels like gel! It’s so gross, and I also happen to be allergic to the antibiotic eyedrops,too,which doesn’t help,and then I need the allergy eyedrops,and I have to take antihistimines! Ugh! It’s maddening,and I get Pink-Eye lots,although not this bad; I had it bad once before where I had to wear sunglasses; it was itchy, red,and swollen, but this time is still worse,and it looks and feels like I have little white plastic things in my eye.SOOOOOO gross!!

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