Today is a scorching 30 degreec C with humidity it felt like 36 degrees! We spent all day in the pool,and we even put Wilson in to cool off(he did the Dog-Paddle,naturally!) as he was soooo hot,and we had to put him inside with the A/C for a few hours to cool down too and brought him back out later when it cooled down a bit and had more shade.The chlorine in the pool is clearing up my eye infection,too,and I notice we have the algae again,so have to “shock” it again later tonight once the sun is down. All the kids got Slush Puppie treats and ice-cream as well! It’s smouldering!! Still not as hot as when I was in Egypt last year though; it was 42 degrees C there and so hot my make-up was melting off my face!

“Ketchup” post.

I got this idea off another blog: “Ketchup” post…”catch-up”…get it?

Here is what we have been up to lately: when I lay down to tan Wilson jumps all over me, on top of me, and keeps licking my face and kissing me! We also hauled our groceries home in cardboard boxes, refusing to be “nickel and dimed” and pay 5 cents each for plastic bags, or pander to the enviro-nazis.I also peed outside! Yes, I really did! You see, I was in the pool with the kids and I was home alone(no other adults) and I couldn’t exactly just leave them in the water alone and run inside….and I REALLY had to go….so I just went into the bushes,and…well,, when you gotta go, ya gotta go! My hubby looks like he WILL be losing his job end of August afterall,and this is the first time that I’m really worried about it; scared what if he can’t find something else and we lose the house, or are unable to pay the bills and buy food! What will we DO? Where will we GO? I KNOW God provides,and He always has before, but this time it really scares me..a 6 year old not far from us also died of the Swine Flu and all she had was a fever and cough the day before,and then suddenly just died the next day.It really rattles me! What’s to say it won’t happen to US?Needless to say, I am beset with many worries and anxieties lately and am leaning even closer onto God…