Greener than thou!

This is one thing I can’t stand: Greener than thou enviro-nazis! They look down on people they consider to be less “Green”,and pride themselves, obnoxiously so, on being Eco-friendly, to the point of being competitive, thinking it makes them “better” than others, and using environmental awareness as a “tool” to judge a person’s “worth”. They are loud, obnoxious,forever bragging how “Green” they are, yada,yada,yada. Environmentalism has also increased and is closely linked to and includes  paganism in all it’s forms, incl. Earth worship, Wicca, Druids, Gaia-worship,and the like, but that’s not surprising since environmentalism IS pagan nature worship! Tree -huggers will only buy and use “organic”(which is really nothing more tan a fancy name to attach to products so they can charge more!)and go on and on about their “Carbon Footprint” ad nauseum and it’s so annoying, irritating, tiresome,irksome,and never ending. The “Green Police” are out in full force,cramming their propaganda down our throats, forcing pagan false religion onto everyone, indoctrinating in the schools, on TV, even laws passed due to the pressure of the enviro-freaks! Greener than thou? Not us! No way! We worship God the Creator and NOT “Mother Earth” mumbo-jumbo!

This scares the hell out of me!

The Swine Flu epidemic is scaring the hell out of me, worried our kids may fall victim to it, and even more so now I heard a 6 year old suddenly died of it! Just the day before she had a fever, cough, sore tummy, arms,and legs,and barfed….the next day she suddenly died! Up until now, those that died had other underlying medical issues, but she seemed healthy! If it can happen like that to her, what’s to say it won’t to MY kids,too? This is really worrisome, and how do I know what we recently had wasn’t a cold afterall, but Swine Flu? The symptoms are so similar,and to think you can suddenly die scares the hell out of me;fearful and worried  for my kids!

I can’t BELIEVE it! Michael Jackson died!!

I am stunned to hear Michael Jackson just died! He had a heart attack and was only 50,and he wasn’t even overweight or anything! I’d heard his health wasn’t the best, but this is a total shock and surprise. I remember listening to his music on my “Walkman” when I was 15. I can’t believe it! Farrah Fawcett died today too, after a long battle with cancer.She was 62. It seems EVERYONE is dying lately!(I guess Patrick Swayze will be next?) David Carradine just recently died as well.We all fall victim to sickness, accident, and death, even the rich and famous aren’t immune to it; in the end it catches up to all of us.I have to say I didn’t see this one coming though!

Here we go again…..

Each year at this  time  we go this same routine: tornado warnings and watches! Today is one of those times. We have a big thunderstorm coming thru, with expected 50mm rain in just an hour, heavy hail(Toronto had 4mm of it and so big it looked like ice-cubes!) 90-plus km/hour wind,thunder, lightening,and a tornado watch! Needless to say, this freaks out the 6 year old, who already has an unnatural fear of tornadoes as it is! The closest I ever got to one was many years ago, when I was 18; it was in the next town and killed 200 people. I didn’t know it at the time, I only knew something was VERY wrong; it was 15:00 and I just got home from school,and all of a sudden the sky went pitch black(like Midnight), heavy rain, wind so bad the trees were touching the ground,and side-ways rain and hail! I was home alone and went into the bathroom(as it had no windows). Quickly it cleared up, the sun came out…and I only knew by hearing on the news the devastation that hit the next town,and seeing coverage on the news was horrifying; just empty lots where houses used to be.That’s as close as I EVER want to get to a tornado! Even THAT was too close for me!!