I’ve been hacked!

I just found out my credit card has been HACKED!(and I have to pay off the final amount on my trip in a WEEK,too!) some shady online gambling charges showed up(and I don’t even gamble!!) but luckily the credit card company KNEW it was suspicious and not my normal charges, so they alerted us,stopped any new charges from going thru(even mine; they declined it at the stores today!)and cancelled the card and will issue me a new number! Now the question is, where did they GET my number FROM? Could it be from something I ordered online and the wrong people somehow got the number and used it for fraudulent purposes? I feel so victimized! Is NOTHING safe anymore? I seriously have NO faith in humanity left…

Pondering a possibility….

It would be so nice if my hubby is able to get a job with a Canadian firm in the Philippines(he’s looking into it and what it entails) and it got me thinking what we’d have to prepare if so: make sure all passports are up to date(there’s only 3 we have to do) and likely have to get extra vaccines, and my mother would stay behind here with the house and we’d just rent a furnished place there and lease a van, and we’d have Wilson shipped up at a later date,and we’d only have to take our summer clothes(they don’t have winter and snow there!!) and our homeschooling books. Employers generally arrange the visas and all necessary paperwork,but if we have to pay our own expenses it’ll cost a lot on airfare to transport our “child army”,and ahead of time we’d just have our son’s oncologist refer us to a cancer centre over there to continue his follow-up….the idea is certainly exciting,and a possibility I can get used to and look forward to…what a fascinating journey and adventure it could be!!