There is NO “pride” in flaunting sin!!

Toronto is having it’s annual gay “Pride” parade,or day, or week, or whatever. How about this: a Heterosexual Pride parade/day/week/month/holiday? Naaahhh,I guess it really DOESN’T work both ways; reverse discrimination! Now why is it that the minorities(gays, feminists, enviro-freaks,etc.) are always the most vocal,the loudest, the most obnoxious,and  get the “special features?” If people want to be gay, they should at least be discreet(and no, I don’t approve of straight people making out in public, either; some things are just meant to be done in private!) and not flaunt their depravity and sin for all the world to see.Have some taste and some class. You know, we’re NOT all interested in seeing scantily-clad men parade down the street, dressed in the most obscene,perverted, and kinky things imaginable(and in some cases, even totally naked!) it’s immoral, it’s disgusting,and not everyone WANTS to see such a gross public display glorifying sin.(I wouldn’t want to see straight whores  walking around half-naked,either, just so you know; it’s not just a “gay thing”; it’s a morality thing) Keep it in the bedroom, in the privacy of your own home; we DON’T all want to hear about it! God will NOT be mocked and the rest of the world doesn’t need the gay agenda constantly shoved in their face.People are gay.Yes, we know, we get it, but it doesn’t mean we always have to have it foisted on us,and to fly the rainbow flag in police headquarters, even in so-called “Catholic” hospitals, and anywhere else IS going way too far. It’s like the’re trying to “convert” the world, or something, and I for one, have had enough of it! I follow GOD! Love the sinner, hate the sin.(and don’t flaunt it!!)

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