I don’t know WHY I find this so funny…

Napoleon Dynamite. This was, for some reason, to me a funny and endearing movie. People say it’s lame, cheap,stupid, retarded, etc..and the like, but I thought it was hilarious! I couldn’t help but feel empathy for poor “poindexter” misfit Napoleon,and happiness he found a friend in Pedro. I thoughtthe dancing scene with the “moon” boots was so funny,and his quotes were classic.I even dubbed-in quotes from the movie onto my answering machine at one point,and even our Parish priest loved the message, and said he liked the movie,too. I don’t know why, but this movie really cracked me up and I even have a talking “Napoleon” doll, and a “Vote for Pedro!” T-shirt,too! 🙂

“Not me!” Monday.

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I didn’t…toss a dead mouse I scooped out of the pool skimmer over the fence into the neighbour’s yard….

I didn’t pee outside( in a bush) while home alone with the kids, who were all out in the pool and I couldn’t just LEAVE them in there  alone and run inside…

I didn’t crack-up laughing when the kids shot seagulls with water-guns…

I didn’t laugh out loud when one of the kids remarked about the Lego Camper set as a  “Trailer-trash Lego”…..

I didn’t pee in the pool as I was too lazy to get out and go inside the house….