My favourite actors.

My favourite actors are NOT the classic “handsome leading man” actors(although for the “hunks” I have to admit I DO like Brad Pitt, George Clooney,and Armand Assante) I like the actors that are, well, good actors! My favourites are: Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson,Tommy Lee Jones, Billy Bob Thornton, Al Pacino,and Robert DeNiro. They are, in fact, the *older* actors,and not classically handsome, but I think they are the BEST at what they do, play their roles well, and are the highest quality actors. I don’t go by looks, or by age; I go by their ACTING skills,that’s it,and isn’t that what REALLY matters,anyway? I may or may not like them as people,(and, in fact, the majority of celebs DO live quite immoral lives!)but I think they are the best actors out there!(their private lives, religion, sexual orientation, etc. isn’t what I go by.)I like them as actors,period,and they’re the best!As for actresses, I like Meryl Streep,and  Susan Sarandon.

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