Friday Fill-ins.

And…here we go!

1. A silly sport’s team losing _____ is not the end of the world.

2. Sitting here, listening to the sound of rain falling, I  find relaxing and soothing for sleep._____.

3. Chocolate mousse _____ tastes so good!

4. Sometimes, putting others first is   a thankless job!_____.

5. The Alps  _____ is breathtaking, really.

6. Well, maybe there is  SOME hope for humanity…  _____.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to  visiting an old friend  _____, tomorrow my plans include  taking it easy  _____ and Sunday, I want to    do my monthly Confession_____!

Please pray!

In getting back in touch with old friends I came across sad news that needs much prayer: I reconnected with a friend from grade 5 who is now married and has 3 sons, and her 18 month old was just diagnosed with cancer. This is heartbreaking,and esp. so for me as our 11 year old son also had cancer(leukemia) 4 years ago,now in remission,thank God. We KNOW exactly  what it’s like; the fear, panic, struggle,sleepless nights,  worry,stress,anxiety,disruption,uncertainty,etc.and what they’re going thru right now.. we also know the power of prayer, and of hope, and that God will carry you thru your darkest and scariest moments and that you are never alone and He will give you strength you never knew you had,and that you can overcome the unimaginable. Will you please pray for her little boy and for the family? I hope I am able to give her support, hope,and encouragement during this difficult journey,as I have walked it myself and it’s a very hard thing to endure, for the entire family.Please also keep baby Stellan in your prayers as he is still in need as he soldiers on with his heart condition.

More fun with Facebook!

I am having a blast on Facebook I have to tell you! I have gotten back in touch with so many schoolmates and friends from the past! I have happy results and not-so-happy results.It pains me greatly to hear so many of my friends are struggling with mental illness and other medical problems.I have also been blocked by someone I once loved; not only did he refuse to be addded(or to add me) as a “friend” but he outright blocked ALL my access to him, so that even if I did a search for him nothing shows up anymore! This is really hurtful, esp. since I never even did anything to him to deserve being shut out!(Does he think I’m a stalker, or something?) I just want to reconnect with old friends and see how they’re doing now.I also have been shunned by others who ended up to be gay; who reject me due to my Christian beliefs(even though I would never reject THEM for being gay!). Good news,however, is I am going up to visit one of my best friends of all time! It’s a bit of a travel, but she’s worth it! We’re both so excited and can hardly wait! I bet once we see eachother again it’ll feel like we’re kids all over again! 🙂 I have reconnected with other friends as well and am so glad I did!

“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on what we’ve been doing:

The 11 year old has his oncologist app’t today which always makes me nervous(in case he’s relapsed) until we know it’s ok, the 2 year old set off the security system and scribbled on the TV and seeing his wrinkled hands and feet after his bath moaned,”Boo-boo!” I also heard gun shots outside which sounds like fire crackers,; pop-pop-pop! I trimmed Wilson’s fur, and continue to have ovarian cancer symptoms, incl. nausea, and lack of appetite. I remember as well a few years ago when I was prego with one of the kids they found cysts on an ovary but said were nothing to worry about; could they have turned cancerous? ..or just a coincidence? Some of the kids are still at camp,and I’m travelling up to see an old friend I recently got back in touch with.

“Not me!” Monday.

A blog carnival originated at

I didn’t….get my knickers in a twist and feel slighted when we got to Church and saw someone had taken our regular seats…..

I didn’t….crack up laughing when I saw a squirrel fall out of a tree….

I didn’t….tell the kids I’m still on my period because I didn’t feel like going swimming with them today….

I didn’t….snap at somebody and be generally irritable because I feel stressed-out…

I didn’t…breathe a sigh of happy relief when someone that rubs me the wrong way went back after a visit I didn’t want in the first place…

I didn’t…get all upset, hurt,and sulky when someone rejected to add me as a “friend” on Facebook….

I didn’t…freak out at my husband for leaving his dirty underwear on the bathroom floor after his shower (instead of picking them up and putting it in the laundry)….

I didn’t…secretly think to myself,”Well if I DO have cancer at least I’ll finally lose weight!”…

I didn’t…send out an e-mail and then regret it and wish I could get it back..


How rare is ovarian cancer?

A friend of mine’s sister died of ovarian cancer. I read this is considered a fairly rare cancer,but also has a poor prognosis; like 20-30 % survive 5 years. This is the freaky part: I have all the symptoms of it,even though statistically  I am considered the lowest risk: low risk factors incl. having several children(I’ve had 11), having the first child early(I had him at 22) having the last child later(I had him at 40) and breastfeeding(I did.).So going by that I should be scott-free…..except I ALSO found out I have the symptoms: abdomenal pain(at times so bad I double-over), fatigue, constipation, lower back pain,gas, queasiness, lack of appetite,and frequent urination and unusual bleeding. Maybe it’s all just a coincidence; maybe my pain is related to my monthly cycle, maybe I’m tired because I have 11 kids, maybe my back pain is from sitting in a certain position…but I have no idea why I’m constipated(I normally am NOT, only when I had my liver problem or when I’m prego) or peeing all the time all of a sudden, even overnights now,too. Another sign is unusual changes in the monthly cycle,and the other day I bled so much I thought I was hemmoraging and something had ruptured. Our 15 year old, when he was a baby, had ALL the classic symptoms of fluid pressure on his brain so he had a CT scan,and he didn’t end up having it,afterall, yet  our 11 year old(when he was 7) didn’t have the normal symptoms of leukemia yet he DID have it. You never know.There aren’t doctors here out in the middle of nowhere; you’d have to go to a hospital in one of the big cities, something I am loathe to do unless I know for SURE, so I wait on it,pray,and see if  it improves, or worsens. I don’t want to jump to conclusions or always imagine the worst.I leave it with God and ask Him to guide me and let me know…and there you have it!

An interesting discourse on the Fatima Prophecy.

I have just read the discourse on the Fatima Prophecy called “The Fourth Secret of Fatima” by Antonio Socci. It paints a very interesting possibility that the entire Secret of Fatima is being hidden and covered up by the Vatican. He brings up these thought-provoking ideas regarding Vatican II, apostacy in the Church,the Last Days,and the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.The Third Secret is predicted, among other things, that the great apostacy in the Church will begin at the top, that a Pope(Benedict?) would be under the control of Satan,and some grave error(Vatican II?) was committed involuntary by the Church,invasion by worldly thinking, the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God; liturgical reform clearly not blessed by God,prohibition of the millennial Latin liturgy of the Church having disasterous effects of the orthodoxy and faith of the people,, errors in the clergy(pedophile priests,and liturgical abuses?) and abominations in the Holy See,straying from the paths of justice.Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist, it is stated,that Satan will succeed in infiltrating even the summit of the Church,with the Pope eventually expressing immense guilt and sorrowful remorse(indicating he didn’t INTENTIONALLY err, but was rather duped and mislead himself), ending up persecuted and murdered.It is clear that it is NOT the Church which hides the prophecy, but “Only men of the Church,who are not faithful to their vocation”, but it will have disasterous results on the Church, the faithful,and society and the world as a whole.What can be DONE? God wishes to establish in the world devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculale Heart,and,after a great apostacy and conflict, Her Immaculate Heart will triumph.We are to stay true to our faith(even if the hierarchy fails to do so we must follow God), and pray the Rosary daily to obtain peace in the world. What do I personally make of all this?  I believe the start of the apostacy DID begin with the Vatican II reforms; watering-down the Sacred Mass, modernizing it,and is being continued with the Pope’s ardent environmentalism stance (a fine line between it and pagan nature worship) and his left-leaning,liberal,dare I even say socialist, views on labour unions,One_World government,and immigration, ending in the great apostacy. There IS hope,however; we must stay true to the faith, pray without ceasing,the the righteous ones will be saved. God’s Truth WILL overcome and succeed in the end, with evil and falsehoods destroyed.It makes for thought-provoking reading ,reflection,  discernment,and prayer!!

A million excuses…..

By Helen Parisi

I don’t need to go to Confession….I’m sin-free!(only God is sin-free!) I don’t lie..maybe once or twice. I never miss Church on Sunday..maybe a few times here and there. I never get angry with anyone…only if I get mad. I never hurt my neighbour….only if I think he’s wrong. I never talk about anyone…only in judgement. I never lose patience…only when things go wrong. I share, don’t I? I never broke a Commandment…well, maybe one or two. I guess I”m NOT “sin-free”, afterall!!