“Ketchup” post!

Our latest catch-up post:what have we done lately?

The 2 year old saw cat poop in the sandbox and happily exclaimed,”Cookie!” the 6 year old calls cardinals “Red-Jays”, danced out in the rain in her bathingsuit and said,”Come GET me, rain!!” and the 11 year old meanly teased her,”Hey! Isn’t that a TORNADO cloud?” He also is doing lots of “manly” exercises with the hope it’ll make him grow chest hairs sooner,the 14 year old pulled out the baggy waist on his big,loose pants and announced,”Look! I called Jenny!” and Wilson jumped up,chased,and ate bubbles, the 13 year old got stung by a wasp,and the 6 year old remarked,”God and Jesus are the ONLY ‘boys’ that aren’t rude or mean!” We’re looking forward to Canada Day activities as well,incl. the fireworks at night!!