I got stung by a wasp yesterday. I always have bad allergic reactions(like my entire leg swelling up!) so I took Benadryl as a precaution….and it knocked me out cold! I got so sleepy and groggy I had to have a nap for an hour! I felt like how I do jet-lagged, when I’ve been travelling and awake for over  30 hours!I go really weird; I stagger around like a drunk, slur my words,am disoriented and confused,and can’t process anything or function! Canada Day also went well for us; we never got the storm(or even rain!) so our family business did well(it’s always the best day for us all year…as long as the weather cooperates,that is!) and made as much in just the one day as my hubby does at his other job in 2 weeks!We also saw the fireworks at night,and we’re having the storm today, but that’s ok; it can rain all it wants now!!

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