I’m wrongly accused!

My hubby wrongly accused me of being “extravagant”, which is sort of hilarious actually considering that I only buy food reduced, on sale, or with coupons,and buy clothing second-hand.I also wear clothes until they literally fall off my back(stretched-out elastic and full of holes by the time I finally throw it out) and when I took the kids to Europe I brought along little boxes of cereal and bottled water, refusing to spend money on food( 5 Euros(equal to our 10$) for an ice-cream cone? I don’t THINK so!) and was accused of being “cheap!”.In fact, I am more “cheap” when HE, on the other hand, thinks nothing of spending 100$ on one stupid DART or 100$ to have the piano tuned(and *I* think is frivolous, esp. considering he’ll soon be out of work and money is tight!!)and *I’M* the ‘extravagant” one? I guess to no longer be considered “extravagant” now I have to select our clothing out of the Goodwill box and go to the soup kitchen or foodbank(or Dumpster diving,perhaps?) for food? I mean, how much LESS than extravagant can I BE? I also squeeze every last drop out of the toothpaste, re-use plastic baggies, pass the kids clothes down, buy food in bulk, cut everyone’s hair myself, groom the dog myself,buy toys at garage sales,use both sides of paper, etc.. always trying to SAVE money! Sheesh!!

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